Tips To Make Your Bonfire Night Pictures Sparkle

It’s that time of year when your social media feeds fill up with amateur photos from bonfire night, but were we not always taught that if we're going to do a job that we should do it properly? Here are a few tips that will make your firework photos stand out from the crowd…

1. Turn Flash Off

Turning your flash off will let your phone's camera know that it only has available light to take a picture. This is important because the camera will then keep the shutter open long enough to capture the fireworks.

2. Turn Off HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Seems great for capturing all those rich colours however, the image sequence captured by your phone won't match up and will make for a blurry outcome.

3. Turn Down the ISO

High ISO will crank up the sensitivity of your phone's camera so it can see details in the dark. However, the fireworks themselves are quite bright.

So, to avoid overexposure and reduce noise, take your camera out of Auto ISO and change the setting to ISO 100 or even lower.

4. Do NOT Use Zoom

It will lessen the quality of your photo. Instead, take a regular picture and crop.

5. Slow Your Shutter Speed

...for great trail visions of your fireworks shooting into the sky. You can even get an app that does it for you!

6. Burst Mode

Hold down your finger on the shutter button to take multiple photos, then select the one you like best.

7. Clean the Lens

Think about all of the places your phone has been, and how many times you've probably touched the lens through the day. That grime is going to do weird things to the light in your photos.

8. Edit

Don’t go over the top with editing, after all the fireworks are already stealing the show. Try increasing the colour saturation a bit or playing with the contrast slider.


Don’t know where to watch the fireworks? Discover places to watch them here.

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