I try and get up at the same time each day, even though I don’t have to commute to work I like to do a little workout in the garden and walk the dog before I log onto my computer. I’m living in gym clothes, but I make sure I get out of pyjamas to have some change to my day! Pre-corona life I would get home from work after 7pm so used to just watch TV, cook and go to sleep. However now I’m home all day every day, so I’ve had to start doing different things at home, here are a few of them…

I like to separate the weekend from the working week, so I plan different things for a Friday and Saturday! On a Friday I do a ‘Come dine with me’ with my flat. We each take turns to make a three-course meal, dress up and host a night. As I’m writing this it’s my turn to host, I’m trying to bake a key lime pie even though I’m not a baker and it could go horribly wrong!

I really miss going out on a Saturday, so every week I have a group Facetime with my friends. We have a few gins whilst playing Bongo’s Bingo online. It’s a laugh and free to enter!

I’ve ordered some jigsaws online; I feel like an old lady but they’re good for passing the time. The best one I’ve found is the 1000-piece Ridley’s dog one. A funny game I’ve ordered is ‘Scrawl’ it’s like Pictionary but for sayings and after a few drinks it’s really funny!

I’m reading more in isolation, mostly thrillers but anything I can find round the house. If you have a Kindle they sometimes have free books or some for only 99p.

I’m also starting to listen to podcasts. My favourite at the moment is ‘The High Low’ by Dolly Alderton. My boyfriend loves, Peter Crouch’s podcasts if anyone would prefer a sport humour one.

This is a bit boring, but I’ve organised my make-up box and cleaned my make-up brushes. I love putting make up on in the morning but I’m not using any right now so instead I’m spending longer with a proper skincare routine. Unidays have some really good student discounts on so I’ve bought a toner, serum and face masks to add to my routine. Online shopping is my new favourite hobby.

Finally, I’ve been Facetiming friends and family members who I sometimes lose touch with when I’m busy. It’s really important at the moment to not feel like you’re on your own, it’s a weird time for everyone! Any student can email us to ask for us to call them back for a chat. Even if you’re currently at home not in halls of residence!

I’m really looking forward to normal life where I can go on holiday again, plan bottomless brunches with friends and just have my old routine back. I even miss working in the office!

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