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The Applied Association for Sport Psychology (AASP) Research

AASP Research

Research team in the Carnegie School of Sport awarded grant from the Applied Association for Sport Psychology

The Applied Association for Sport Psychology (AASP), the governing body for sport psychology in the United States of America, has awarded a research grant to a team of researchers in the Carnegie School of Sport: Richard Simpson (PhD candidate), Dr Faye Didymus (senior lecturer), and Dr Toni Williams (senior lecturer). The grant call, which was fiercely contested by researchers and practitioners worldwide, encouraged grant applications that integrate research and practice and have the potential to generate ground breaking findings. The AASP highlighted that our proposal would address important gaps in literature and that it was theoretically, empirically, and practically align with the AASP mission.

The funded project will develop understanding of psychological well-being (PWB) in high-performance sport and will better understand the value and importance of having PWB at the heart sport policy and practice. PWB is a key pillar in global policy and has important ramifications for health and performance, especially within the high-pressure context of elite sport. This study intends to bridge the knowledge-to-practice gap by creating guidelines for enhancing PWB among those at the front lines of sport. Findings will be disseminated among researchers, practitioners, and national governing bodies, including at the AASP annual conference in 2021.

About the Authors

Richard Simpson

Richard is a current PhD student in sport and exercise psychology within the Carnegie School of Sport. He is also an associate lecturer and staff team member for the level four 'Human Behaviour in Sport and Exercise Module'. Richard engages in project work as a Research Assistant within the same department, and has intentions in training towards accreditation as a sport and exercise psychologist. In addition, Richard is a committee member of the DSEP Northern Applied Hub, and is currently the project lead for the Hub's 'Talking Psych' Podcast.

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Dr Faye Didymus

Faye is a senior lecturer in sport and exercise psychology within the Carnegie School of Sport. She is the course leader for the MSc. Psychology of Sport and Exercise degree programme and chair of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology's (AASP) Research Development Committee. She is also a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist, a Science Council Chartered Scientist, and is regularly featured on global, national, and local television (e.g., BBC Breakfast, BBC World News, Sky News, Sky Sports, Sky Sports News) and radio (e.g., BBC Radio Five Live, BBC Radio 4, Radio Aire).

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Dr Toni Williams

Toni is a Senior Lecturer is Sport and Exercise Psychology at Leeds Beckett University. Her research broadly explores disability, health and physical activity.

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