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Keep calm and study on

As results day looms large, Leeds Met BA (Hons) English Literature graduate, Corey Evans, offers his thoughts on how to stay calm and think positively before receiving your exam results.  Professor Jim McKenna then stresses the importance of getting a good night's sleep before results day, whilst Stewart Harper offers advice if results don't go your way.

Published on 12 Aug 2014
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This summer I was fortunate enough to graduate with a BA (Hons) English Literature after studying for three years at Leeds Met. It wasn’t too long ago though, that I was in the same position as you are now; nervously awaiting my exam results, which ultimately could decide my future!

The week of results day I was at home in the West Midlands, having recently quit my summer job anticipating that I would soon be starting university. However, naturally enough the nerves continued to build throughout the week and by Wednesday night I was desperately wishing I could have the results in my hands!

A recent survey by Leeds Metropolitan University showed that over a third of male students and nearly half of female students stay up late, unable to sleep the night before their exams.

For me, I found that going out with my friends helped me stay relaxed and take my mind off it. Not all of my friends were planning to go to university so it was useful to escape the stress and pressure of other people anticipating their results.

On the morning of results day, I logged into the college portal hoping that the results had been updated! Unfortunately the college system couldn’t cope with the volume of students logging on, so I had to wait a bit longer! After a few hits of F5 to refresh the page, there they were…my results displayed on screen. To my relief, I got the grades I needed and knew I would be making the trip to Leeds in September to begin my university life.

If results don’t end up going your way though, there is no need to panic. A couple of my mates ended up going through Clearing and although I didn’t speak with them on the day as they were busy phoning round universities, they did end up getting places and they have now graduated so it has all worked out!

So my advice to you as you wait for your results to come in is to keep calm, stay focused and know that life is just beginning. I’ve had a great time in Leeds studying and wish I could do it all again.

Don’t worry, be happy.


A word from Jim McKenna, Professor of Physical Activity and Health

Professor Jim McKenna suggests: “Controlling sleep is a crucial life skill, yet many would-be students are already sleep deprived. They need nine hours per night to sustain forward thinking and perseverance in the face of adversity; anything less tends to weaken brain ‘power’. If they are already sleep deprived, which is likely, adding to that is only likely to be counter-productive. Does it make sense to do that on a day when good decisions are so important?”

Advice from Leeds Met Head of Admissions, Stewart Harper

As Head of Admissions at Leeds Met, Stewart Harper, points out “If you find yourself without a university place when you receive your exam results don’t worry, you can choose to enter Clearing. Clearing can be a stressful and daunting process for both you as a student and for your parents. It can seem like they are trying to interfere with your decision, however it’s important to remember that they are trying to offer advice and help you make the best decision for your future. At Leeds Metropolitan, we always have places available for exceptional candidates and would welcome your application so we’d always recommend talking to us”.

Professor James McKenna

Professor of Sport / Carnegie School Of Sport

A professor of Physical Activity and Health, Jim studies behaviour change at a range of levels; individual, social and whole community. He is Director of the Active Lifestyles research centre in the School of Sport.

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