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Developing markets using sustainability values

How can business leaders adapt to global changes in markets, competition and supply whilst at the same time growing a sustainable business? Dr Neil Richardson argues that businesses must now align their values with customers who increasingly seek people, and planet-friendly products and services. 

Using sustainable marketing (SM) techniques to create value ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction, better professional relationships and increased effectiveness. While SM is increasingly adopted by academics and practitioners, frameworks and tools to support the planning of its implementation are largely absent. In my latest book, I draw on recent doctoral research to provide practical insights, tools and frameworks which will help business leaders to produce tactically and strategically appropriate sustainable marketing plans. It not only shows how to embed sustainability into strategies, but also reflects on the historical and current criticisms aimed at marketing Readers are shown how to implement changes while being encouraged to reflect on why they are needed.

Furthermore, I introduce contemporary themes and challenges at the cutting edge of business research and practice. As such, this book provides useful insights for students of sustainable marketing, marketing planning and strategy as well as business leaders and marketing professionals seeking to improve the competitive advantage of their organisations in an increasingly complex and challenging business environment where sustainability is a key to long-term business success.

Neil's book, Sustainable Marketing Planning, is available from publisher Routledge.

Dr Neil Richardson

Course Director / Leeds Business School

Neil has over 20 years of experience in Sales Management, Marketing and Customer Service in the B2B sector, covering a wide spectrum of operational and strategic positions.