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My experience of a placement at Thrive Law

Hi, I am Mollie, a final year Law student. In this blog I am going to address the ‘day release’ module available for law students and how it has positively benefitted me.

I chose to do the day release module as I was coming to the final year of my law degree and had minimal experience within a legal setting. I had an interview with Jodie Hill who is the CEO of Thrive Law and to my surprise it went amazingly, and I was offered a place there to conduct my placement. I am so grateful for this experience and would recommend taking this module to anyone. I wanted my placement to be with Thrive as they specialise in employment law, which I studied as one of my final year electives, and they are advocates for mental health awareness – something very close to me.  I felt they were the perfect fit for me. 

Since starting the placement my confidence has grown in various ways. I had the opportunity to attend networking events and meet new people in the legal and business sector, opportunities I would not have had, but for Thrive Law.  As part of my role, I was involved in drafting and writing blogs for their website, covering legal issues as a result of COVID-19 as well mental health matters; I have been inspired to start blogging myself. Despite lockdown, and after completing the day release module, I made the decision to remain working for Thrive one day a week and I still do this now. 

I know a lot of students might prefer to do a standard ‘knowledge’ module, read the books and do the assignment, but you will never realise how effective hands-on learning can be until you try it.  I know it is a step outside of most people’s comfort zone, just as it was with me, but it honestly prepares you for the future more than you could ever imagine. I feel so much more confident and prepared for the outside world now and this is all thanks to Thrive Law and Jodie Hill herself.  Since COVID-19, getting a job is hard enough but I am now lucky enough to have my legal experience and an amazing reference from Jodie to help with that.  Hopefully something will come along soon and I can expand my skills and knowledge further. 

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