Leeds Law School
Leeds Law School student Coreen smiles off camera wearing a beige jumper

What made you choose Leeds Beckett University?

I am from Manchester and I was looking for a home away from home. I felt that Leeds had many characteristics similar to Manchester. However, the main selling point for me was the location of the university, in the city centre. I was looking to attend a large university, as I enjoy studying with larger and diverse classes.

Tell us about a module that you enjoyed

I applied for the day release placement module and helped a Law School academic develop a new elective module in Marine Law. I liked the idea of working closely with a lecturer and taking on more responsibilities. I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about the environment, especially with climate change being such a talked about topic. I had noticed that veganism was growing, and I was curious as to why these trends were occurring.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to practice my presentation skills in the module. I was tasked with attending a large group session on Microsoft Teams, here I asked Level 4 and 5 students to fill out a survey as part of a consultation process to develop a new elective module in Marine Law. I really enjoyed speaking to the students, practicing my presenting skills and collecting data. I thrived on having the independence to say what I wanted, while interacting with the students as I felt trusted. Ultimately, this gave me confidence and helped me in online job interviews, as I was used to interacting with different audiences on Microsoft Teams. I also did well in the interviews because of the one-to-one experience I gained with my placement module tutor.

What has been your favourite thing about your time studying at Leeds Law School?

My favourite thing about studying has been the support I have received throughout my degree. The culture at Leeds Beckett is very genuine, supportive and friendly, and I have always felt that I can contact any staff member within the university, whether it’s a tutor, the library team or someone from student finance.

What advice would you give someone thinking about studying this course?

I cannot imagine getting through the university experience on my own. I recommend to push yourself to get to know the other students on your course as it is really nice to have friends that are going through the same excitement and struggles as you. I have loved getting to know my module tutors and lecturers as they have helped me so much, not just academically but personally as well. And don’t be afraid to ask for help; even if your personal tutor cannot help you, they probably know someone who can.

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