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Autism & Behavioural Design: Inter-Disciplinary Knowledge Sharing Session.

First year students from BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design, presented their ‘Design a School for Autism’ projects with their tutor, Joan Love, at The Green Sand Foundry, Leeds, this week.

Students presenting at the session

Tom Hilton, Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner, and Louise Holdsworth, Sensory Integration Advanced Practitioner, from Henshaw’s Specialist College, Harrogate told the students they were

"blown away by your designs and how well you had understood sensory integration, (not an easy task) and how you all worked so hard to incorporate the theory into your designs. I really do hope you have a massive impact in the future in helping design friendlier environments for people with Autism, it makes such a massive difference to their learning, quality of life, wellbeing and the ability of staff to support them well!".

Francesca presenting at the session

Sarah Dodsworth (Associate Director) and Kathleen Brookes, Interior Designer, at SpaceInvader Design Practice, Leeds also said

"They did some really great work on a very difficult subject and translated their research into some lovely design briefs and concepts".

Millio presenting her work at the session.

Joan Love

Senior Lecturer / Leeds School Of Arts

Joan Love is a senior lecturer and an artist who has experience of interior design in architectural practice.  Her research explores autism-friendly design containing a special interest in spatial transitioning environments.  

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