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Our Interior Architecture Students are Learning from Practising Architects and Interior Designers

First Year Interior Architecture & Design students are being taught by a series of design practitioners on their studio projects, alongside their studio tutors. This academic year, the following practitioners, all from diverse design practices, have shared their expertise.

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Evie Martin

Previously an employee of shedkm London, Evie is now based in Leeds working for BDP between the Leeds and Sheffield studios. She has worked on a diverse range of projects at both practices, from private houses to commercial master planning. As alumnus of Leeds Beckett BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design, Evie is inspired and driven by the art of designing through re-use of existing buildings and the celebration of heritage in architecture.

“Receiving input from a variety of tutors with different backgrounds, ideas and influences is central to building a rich design project, encouraging students to challenge, experiment and reflect constantly throughout the process. Design is subjective and personal; there is no right or wrong, so considering a diversity of opinions and solutions can only strengthen their skills which can then be carried into practice when working in a design team and dealing with clients.’’

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Alex Nikjoo:

Alex Nikjoo

Alex is an architect and interior designer based in London, where he established architectural design practice NIKJOO, working on residential and commercial buildings, including fashion, art and creative retail spaces. Through his practice Alex seeks to use technology, craft and imagination to make a positive impact on the world.

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Kathleen Brookes:

Kathleen is an alumnus of the Interior Architecture & Design course at Leeds Beckett, and an Interior Designer for Space Invader Design, Manchester.

“Gaining knowledge from practising designers provides students with relevant design thinking, approaches and issues that they could face within a live project. This gives them more credibility and a baseline of expertise when they leave university and go on to become practising designers.”

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Amanda Sexton:

Amanda is a partner at Make Architects, London, where she has worked over the last 7 years in a range of sectors including commercial, residential and cultural.  As an alumnus of Leeds Beckett BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design, Amanda is passionate about adaptive reuse of existing buildings and advocates this within her practice as a fundamental element of meaningful placemaking.

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Lauren Crawley:

Lauren Crawley.

Lauren is an alumnus of BA(Hons) Interior Architecture & Design with over 10 years’ experience as a multi-disciplinary designer. Having worked on projects to create commercial, residential, retail and hospitality spaces, she has become a diverse designer. Also having experience remodelling interior spaces and the exterior building skin, she has built a strong relationship with all things inside & out. Lauren is currently based in Manchester, working as a designer specialising in workplace design; taking a holistic approach her intentions are to inject well-being through creativity into spaces. She hopes to create a brighter more agile future for the places we ‘choose' to work, helping to connect people to intelligent spaces.

Information about Lauren.

Harry Wright:

Harry Wright 

Harry is based in Liverpool, working for shedkm architects. Graduating from BA(Hons) Interior Architecture & Design at Leeds Beckett University in 2012, a graduate award led him to shedkm. The practice follows a strong concept for design, based on simplicity and promoting modernist principles; their portfolio includes work with commercial, residential, leisure, regeneration and modular construction.

"The opportunity to come back to tutor at Leeds is an exciting prospect to help bring forward the next generation of architects and designers. The teaching to develop designers to process context, space, atmosphere and scale are all principle elements to take forward into professional design."

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Joan Love

Senior Lecturer / Leeds School Of Arts

Joan Love is a senior lecturer and an artist who has experience of interior design in architectural practice. Her research explores autism-friendly design containing a special interest in spatial transitioning environments.

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