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Hand drawn cartoon of Bristol, city with buildings and river flowing through it with rive and ships in the background and hot air balloons overhead

Liam McDermott – Graduate Landscape Architect at Urban Wilderness, Leeds (BA & MA Landscape Architecture, 2020)

White guy in his mid-20s, dressed smartly in front of trees/ a park.

I recently completed my Masters and Post Graduate Diploma at Leeds Beckett University, graduating with a Distinction. Along with this I was thrilled to receive the ARUP Cities Alive Award as joint winner for best student output during the Cities Alive module at university. I am now a Graduate Landscape Architect at Urban Wilderness, a professional Landscape Architecture practice dedicated to providing high quality, sustainable and meaningful design solutions for every project and client, no matter the site-specific scale or context. During my time at Urban Wilderness I have been involved with many different aspects of design, from 3D modelling and the production of visualisations, to GIS mapping and the delivery of planting plans. Personally, I am passionate about providing resilient and sustainable environments in which people and nature thrive, to benefit and complement one another in the context of vital issues like climate change. From masterplanning to the intricate details, this is something I always try to achieve through my design process.

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Sketch of people walking through a park, football pitch in the background.

Amy Duffy – Landscape Architect at McGregor Smith, Bristol (BA & MA Landscape Architecture, 2019)

Young white woman with dark hair, wearing a white t-shit

Hi, my name is Amy and I graduated in 2019 and began my year in industry with Macgregor Smith Landscape Architects in Bath that same summer. I work on a range of projects form smaller scale temporary installations to retail parks to business parks in Shanghai. At the moment I’m working part time with Macgregor Smith whilst studying for my master’s in Landscape Architecture.

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Hand drawn cartoon of Bristol, city with buildings and river flowing through it with rive and ships in the background and hot air balloons overhead

Bea Freeman, Assistant Landscape Architect at PWP Design, Leeds (BA & MA Landscape Architecture, 2020)

Young blonde white woman sat at an outdoor bar with a can of beer.

During my time studying landscape architecture at Leeds Beckett, I learnt invaluable lessons in site analysis, special design and graphical presentation. I started the course in 2015 with absolutely no experience in the field and during my undergrad degree I did my best to soak in the all amazing inspiration from tutors' lectures and case studies that reflected their professional experiences and high quality work in the industry. I also took vast amounts of inspiration from the annual exhibition nights which featured a diverse range of projects on display across all departments. My plant knowledge expanded massively with site visits to the Landscape Resource Centre on the Headingley campus where I took part in hands-on practical work and species identification sessions that gave me a taste of how landscape architects specify plant palettes and how the soft landscape changes seasonally. This set me up well for a ‘year out’ work placement in at TPM in Manchester, before returning for my final year of studying.

I recently graduated from my Masters degree and post graduate diploma. I am currently working from home as an assistant landscape architect for PWP Design, based in Otley. I am working daily on a diverse range of projects including public realm, residential, the health sector and garden design. It has been an exciting start to my resumption into the working world, with the industry still as busy as ever and exciting projects rolling in on a weekly basis. I am looking forward to sharing more in the coming week!

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Sketch of outdoor market garden space

Rhian Jones - Landscape Architect at AWB Associates, Leeds (BA Landscape Architecture, 2019)

Young white woman with strawberry blonde hair, wearing glasses and a black and white checkered top.

Hello! My name is Rhian. I graduated from Leeds Beckett in 2019 and hugely enjoyed my time on the Landscape Architecture course, forming a solid foundation for my design skills and unleashing creativity in aspects of design that I am interested in. I am currently on my second year out prior to starting my masters. Firstly after graduating I worked for NPS Leeds for over a year where my work focussed on council schemes such as parks and residential design. I am currently at AWB Associates who specialise in the creation of public and private gardens. At the moment my time is focussed on a large scale rose garden in China.

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Aerial shot of colourful and shaped stately home garden with asymmetric and circular flower beds.

Oliver Loomes - Graduate Landscape Architect at PlanitIE, London (BA & MA Landscape Architecture, 2020)

Young white man in early 20s - headshot

Hi, I’m Oliver.

I recently completed a Masters and Post Graduate Diploma at Leeds Beckett University in 2020, and after four years of studies received a distinction.

At the start of this year, I became a Graduate Landscape Architect at PlanitIE. As a certified B Corporation, the practice seeks to harness the power of business as a force for good; balancing people, planet and profit.

Although only two months in, I’ve already worked on numerous projects, exploring public realm and master planning, most notably Aire Park the Former Tetley Brewery Site, Sovereign Bridge and Meadow Lane Green Space within Leeds. I currently work in the London studio, but will soon move back north as projects starts draw closer, and the practice opens its latest studio in Leeds.

As I look back on my four years at Leeds Beckett University, I recognise that I learnt a vast amount from inspiring lectures based within the City Centre and the Landscape Resource Centre. I took on ambitious projects in Hull, Amsterdam and Leeds exploring a variety of chosen subjects which expanded my knowledge of Landscape Architecture. During my time at University, my placement @influence_news and @weareurbangreen, I used a variety of software packages to present work to clients and other professionals.

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Sketch of trees and grass in a courtyard area.

Kamila Tobola - Landscape Architect at Gillespies, Leeds (BA & MA Landscape Architecture, 2017)

Black and white image of young white woman.

Hi, I’m Kamila. I completed my MA degree in 2017 in Landscape Architecture. It was quite a ride – I must admit! I have always had a passion for maths, art, architecture, sketching and design (the list can go on!) so picking landscape architecture was quite an easy and great choice. I enjoyed my time at Leeds Beckett and sometimes I wish I could come back. The course gave me an incredible chance to explore my curiosity and creativity, it helped me develop a real confidence in my work. Since I graduated from Bachelors Degree in 2015, I am working for Gillespies in Leeds.

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Aerial sketch of city with a river running through it.

Sammie Strickland - Graduate Landscape Architect at DLA Design Group, Leeds (BA & MA Landscape Architecture, 2019)

Young white woman, with dark hair, wearing a black t-shirt and green cardigan.

Hello! My name is Sammie & I graduated from my BA (Hons) degree at Leeds Beckett in 2019.

The following month, I joined the DLA Landscape design team where I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work on numerous projects at different design stages alongside a variety of creative individuals ranging from Architects to Graphic Designers.

I'm now balancing my time between working part-time and studying for my Master's in Landscape Architecture at the expense of a regular sleeping pattern.

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Computer rendering of landscape with path in the middle, people walking down in, hills with a tower in background.

Sarah Evans - Assistant Landscape Architect at Macfarlane + Associates, London (BA Landscape Architecture, 2019)

Young white woman with dark brown hair, stood in front of a pink building

I'm Sarah, I completed my undergrad at Leeds Beckett in 2019, since then I've been working as an assistant landscape architect at Macfarlane+Associates, a fast paced urban planning and design practice based in central London, alongside this I complete visual art commissions on a freelance basis. I loved the encouragement of creativity at LBU and the diverse group of students.

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Graphic drawing of a cross section of a city street - buildings and trees on left, viaduct with train on top on the right, pedestrianised street and people running down the middle.

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Trudi Entwistle

Senior Lecturer / Leeds School Of Arts

Trudi is a senior lecturer in Landscape Architecture. Currently she teaches mainly on the undergraduate programme, and is Level 4 coordinator. Her particular teaching interests lie in the exploration of place through art and spatial design, and the crossing of boundaries within landscape architecture through interdisciplinary teaching.

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