You’ve told us what you think (good and bad!) about the new laptop loans service (and we have to admit to having to look some of the phrases up to check what they mean!).

The majority of the comments were overwhelmingly positive so we’re really glad that you like the new service and hope you continue to use it.

Collage of students messages

Thank you as well for your questions and suggestions. We have responded to as many of these as we could on the walls themselves, we’ll pass on where appropriate to Library managers, we’ll add them to the FAQS on our laptop loan webpage and we’re also looking at adding additional information to the screens.

Some of these queries are listed below so you can see what other people asked and what the answers were:

  • Annoying having to take it back every 4 hours when battery lasts a lot longer – This is to ensure that the laptops can remain charged if a number of programs are running
  • Power buttons in a stupid place – We agree but this model of laptop has other good points so we chose them for their advantages
  • Can I take one home? – Sorry, they will only work on Eduroam (the wi-fi network) in our university
  • PDF’s do not open? – For problems with the laptops speak to us at the HIP or contact us on Chat
  • Great idea but it keeps logging me out after a few seconds – Sorry we will investigate this
  • Fantastic! But I feel it need to be more than 4 hours – They need charging after 4 hours
  • 50p per hour charges?! – Fines help ensure that laptops are returned promptly so they can be fully charged and made available as quickly as possible for other users. We compare our fines to those at other universities and keep ours as low as possible to be effective

We’ve ordered some screen wipes already in response to one suggestion, we’ve started a list of software you’d like to see on the laptops and we’re also looking into the request for chocolate!