The Sheila Silver Library refurbishment continues

The Project Design Group met after a short break to start to discuss plans for the next phase of the Sheila Silver Library refurbishment, with the first floor the next part of the Library to be redeveloped.
Library refurbishment

Work will start at the end of the academic year in May 2016 and will run throughout the summer vacation finishing in October 2016. Next May seems to be a long time away but there will be a lot to do before the first floor is closed for the summer, staff to relocate, furniture, PCs and printers removed and put into storage, architectural drawings to check and new furniture to choose, to name but a few.

Rooms refurbishments

We have read and collated all the feedback we received about the second floor and will use this when working on the plans for the first floor, by repeating some of the things that you really liked: the colour scheme, the variety of furniture and the USB/plug sockets. Also we will be increasing the number of Student Meeting Rooms on the first floor.

Student messages on whiteboard

Its early days at the moment but we will keep you posted on any developments and of course during the construction period we will be posting our usual frequent updates on progress.

We would still love to know what you think about the refurbished floors, you can send us a message via TwitterFacebook, a What’s Your View? card or leave a comment on our blog.