New Look Library Spaces

Thank you for your feedback on the new look spaces on the ground floor of each library - we're glad you like them!

As well as lots of positive comments such as "better work environment" and "bright and open" you had some concerns and queries so we asked Kate Kluttz, Learning Spaces and Operations Manager, to respond.

Published on 25 Oct 2018
Students at PC in the Library

Can we have a cafe or facilities to make drinks?

As you know, during busy times the libraries can be short of study space. Therefore, we currently don’t want to give up any study space to a café or a self-service area for food and drink. We do allow you to bring in hot and cold drinks in addition to cold food and snacks, as we know you need refuelling!  (No hot food please, as the smell can bother people who are trying to study.)

Why can't there be toilets in Headingley Library?

The library at Headingley Campus is located in a gorgeous listed building. Unfortunately this historic nature means that it can be very difficult to make changes to infrastructure such as plumbing. So at the present time, toilets are available at the front entrance of the building, a short distance from the Library (in addition to the accessible toilet on the first floor of the Library, and men’s toilet on the second floor).  However, we agree this would be a huge benefit and as the library at Headingley Campus is developed further, it will be at the top of our list!

Have you reduced the number of PCs on the ground floor of Headingley Library?

No, there are actually the same number of PCs and study seats on the ground floor at Headingley as before. Perhaps it looks like fewer as the desk layout has changed!  So we haven’t reduced the number of PCs, but this feedback is still really useful as it proves how valuable PCs are to you and we know we need to plan for more for the future if we can.

Don’t forget that additional PCs are available in the book room on the first floor, the open access PC lab on the second floor (JG250), and any of the IT labs on the second floor when they are not booked for teaching (check the timetable outside each lab). The self-service laptop lockers are also located on the ground floor.

We did increase the availability of power sockets to you on desks on the ground floor, so it’s easier to plug in your own devices.  

Kate also explained about other work that has taken place in Headingley Library

As well as the ground floor the student meeting rooms in Headingley Library have been upgraded with new paint, carpet, furniture, and IT equipment. Those of you who are familiar with the state of the rooms before will remember how badly they needed this! The new tables are customised to fit these narrow rooms and have power sockets on the top for your own devices. The chairs are fancier (and more comfortable, we hope) than the standard study chairs. And the IT equipment now includes a large display screen so you can carry out group work or practice your PowerPoint presentation more effectively, using either the PC included, or using a cable to connect your own device (check with Media Equipment on the ground floor to borrow a cable). We hope that these rooms are now equivalent to the rooms in the Sheila Silver Library at City Campus!

The Disability Resource Area has also been refreshed, with new paint, carpet, and furniture. All desks are height-adjustable and chairs are of a higher standard than the standard study chairs. We have introduced more screens in between desks to help create the quiet, individual study atmosphere in this room which is often needed by students using it.The old keypad lock has been replaced with card swipe access, so registered disabled students don’t need to go to the Advice Point to request the code (however, the new door is experiencing a few problems right now which we’re aware of and will get sorted as soon as we can). The room retains the excellent resources it did before, with dual monitor PCs and a variety of equipment and books to help support your learning.

We know that the Libraries can be busy during peak times but we do all we can to make sure they provide the right environment you need for your studies.


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