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UK Centre for Events Management collaborates with Thought Bubble Comic Con

In collaboration with Thought Bubble Comic Con, the largest independent festival of comic book arts in the UK, academics and students have been working on getting a better idea of what is to count as fair pay for the work of comic book artists. Like most creative professionals, many work as either freelance or as part of small and micro businesses.

UK Centre for Events Management collaborates with Thought Bubble Comic Con

“Holy hole in a doughnut”*: We Gotta Talk about Fair Pay for Comic Book Artists *(Quote – Robin; from the Batman TV series episode “Zelda the Great”, 1966)

Establishing what is to count as fair pay is no simple task. Supported though funding from Arts Council England, UKCEM and Thought Bubble surveyed comic book creators at the most recent Thought Bubble Comic Con. The report has produced some interesting findings, with results suggesting significant differences in pay between men, women, trans and non-binary creatives. As well as this, results suggest further work needs to be developed to provide the diverse communities within the profession in developing a series of business management skills. Lead researcher, Dr Ian R Lamond, said; “The project has shown us a lot about the issues facing many comic book artists. It’s been great collaborating with Thought Bubble, and we’re looking forward to working with them more as we develop some of the recommendations from our report”.

Image: Detail from Thought Bubble Comic Con Comics Anthology, 2019.
Designed by Mingjue Helen Chen

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