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Dr Ian Lamond

Dr Ian Lamond
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Senior Lecturer

School Of Events, Tourism And Hospitality Management

0113 81 23816

About Dr Ian Lamond

Prior to completing my PhD in 2012 I worked as an arts professional, both as a freelance performance artist but also as a local government arts officer; much of my research is inspired by my experience and practice as a freelance arts professional. Through my arts practice I obtained substantial experience at developing and delivering small to medium scale cultural events in public and novel spaces (from a park bench in New York’s Central Park to taking over the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester), most with a message around community empowerment and social justice.

Coming into the school of events management has led me to explore the form and impact of the events I used to deliver in new ways, examining the context from which such events emerge. My primary area of research interest is in the events side of social movements and movements for social justice, especially around environmentalism; anti-war campaigns and LGBT+/human rights activism. Beyond this, due to my interests in philosophy and social and cultural theory, I am also engaged in research around the experience of urban space; psycho-analysis; fandom and events of memorialisation and events marking the end of life.

My perspective crosses several disciplines as I focus of the area first and the disciplinary perspective last. This means I am comfortable to address topics from a wide range of angles, drawing on ideas and concepts from a large spectrum of other fields. 

Current Teaching


Research Interests

My interests are very cross-disciplinary, drawing on areas as diverse as anthropology, cultural sociology and urban studies. Much of my work adopts a post-disciplinary approach that focuses on the complexity of event/ event context relationships. 

I have been instrumental in the development of an approach to event studies that has become known as Critical Event Studies. My theoretical work, as well as in-the-field studies, have been used by numerous universities to establish core modules in critical perspectives on events. I am also an active collaborator international, with active research relationships established with colleagues in universities across Europe and in the Global South - primarily Brazil. 

Selected Publications

Journal articles (15)

Books (4)

Chapters (6)

Conference contributions (6)

  • Lamond I (2015) Conceptualising 'Event' Leeds 09/06/2015. Leeds:
    View Repository Record
  • Lamond I (2013) Sabatier's advocacy coalition framework: Confronting the perceived paradox of the academic activist Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina .
  • Lamond I; Spracklen K (2013) The construction of contested public spheres: discourses of protest and identity in a British campaigning organisation Leeds, UK .
  • Lamond I (2013) The emergence of the arts as an object for governance: A case of the Labour Party manifesto of 1966 Aarhus, Denmark .
  • Lamond I (2012) The construction of culture as an object of governance in the manifestos of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal/Liberal Democrat Manifestos of 1966 and 2010 Brno, Czech Republic .
  • Lamond I (2012) What is Cultural Policy? This time it's personal Barcelona, Spain .
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