After doing three years of an undergraduate course in Physical Education at Leeds Beckett, I decided that I was not finished with my studies. I didn’t even have to double think about where I wanted to do my masters, as I knew that Leeds Beckett had everything I needed and more. The following blog highlights three main reasons as to why I decided to stay on at Leeds Beckett. 

My Course

I decided to do a masters in Psychology of Sport and Exercise and there are many reasons associated with the course as to why I stayed on at Leeds Beckett. That’s what we’re here for after all! To begin, the staff are all world-leading in their field. From the moment I spoke to the staff at the Open Day, it was clear that they really were experts! Throughout the master’s course, the staff have been truly supportive and enthusiastic to share their knowledge.

As a student on the MSc Psychology of Sport and Exercise course, my course is accredited by the British Psychological Society. This means that the course itself has been approved by a professional organisation which opens up the opportunities for future training courses which will allow me to work as an accredited Sport Psychologist. Some careers require an accredited degree, so this is an important factor to look for!

The course itself has also provided me with hands on experience as a result of the strong relationships between local organisations and the university. For example, I was lucky enough to get some invaluable practical experience at Leeds Rhinos which is extremely beneficial to my career development.

With Leeds Beckett being extremely reputable, specifically for sport, this has attracted international students. The diversity of the master’s students is something that has enhanced my experience, as I’ve worked with people from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of experiences.

It is also good to know that as a graduate from Leeds Beckett, you get an alumni discount meaning that you save money on your postgraduate course fees!

The Facilities

The facilities are another reason why I wanted to stay on at Leeds Beckett. The university has everything that I needed! Staying on also meant that I knew where everything was and knew who to contact if I ever needed help! More specifically, the university’s library has a variety of different workspaces, suitable for all types of learners.

The sport facilities are also really good, which are beneficial to both sports courses and for Athletic Union Teams. The new sport building emphasises how modern and advanced the university’s facilities are, which in turn will provide enhanced learning experiences.

The Athletic Union sports teams are another reason to why I stayed on at Leeds Beckett. As part of the Cheerleading team, the university has strong links with a local teams who allow us to use their facilities for training. Aside from cheerleading, the university has lots of different facilities to cater for a range of sports.

The City

What is there not to love about Leeds! From the day that I moved in to study my undergraduate course, I knew this is where I wanted to be as the city has so much to offer. Its full of students which I feel really adds to the atmosphere! As I’m sure everyone is aware, Leeds is also a great place for nightlife. Whether its pubs, bars or clubs that you’re into, there is something for everyone! As well as this, there’s always something exciting happening meaning you’re rarely bored.

Away from the social side of the city, due to the size of Leeds there are lots of job opportunities which can be beneficial for whilst you’re still studying or for when you graduate.


Hi, I’m Emily. I’m currently studying my masters in Psychology of Sport and Exercise. When I’m not studying, you’ll find me training with the Leeds Beckett cheerleading team. My other hobbies include watching sport and travelling to new places.

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