How did you get into cycling and why do you recommend it to students?

I always enjoyed having a cycle as a kid and thought it would be great to get back on it. Additionally, on arriving in Leeds, I was waiting at a bus stop and saw 1 cycle pass every two minutes, this further motivated me to get one.
The reason I always recommend students to get a cycle is simply due to the fact that it's cost and time effective in the sense, you save on travelling expense and cover distance quicker. 

How beneficial has the Bike Hire scheme been to you?

The bike hire scheme was very comfortable on the pocket and especially for someone who cannot take a bike back to their home country. (India)

How do you feel about making a positive impact to the environment?

I feel it's our responsibility as citizens of the world to look after our planet. And whilst taking care, if we have a little fun on the bicycle, what more can someone ask for.

Apart from going to and from university, what is/was your favourite bike route and why do you enjoy it so much?

My favourite bike route was from Headingley Carnegie Stadium down Kirkstall hill towards Kirkstall Brewery. I enjoyed it because it was downhill and the view from the top was absolutely stunning.

How would you describe your cycling experiences in one word?


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