Volunteer as a Student Environmental Auditor

Want to do something relevant to the Environment or Auditing or simply do something completely new? Come and volunteer as ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITOR.
Volunteer as a student environmental auditor
As part of the NUS Green Impact scheme, participating teams are required to be audited. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED and volunteering is open to all Leeds Beckett students.

The Green Impact scheme is a behavioural change programme which several (if not most in the UK) universities take part in. This consists of completing small actions which contribute directly or indirectly to their function to being more sustainable. The more teams taking part, the better and thus on a wider scale, this can have a positive impact on the university's pledge in reducing its carbon emissions.

After having such a positive impact on educational institutions, the scheme was rewarded with the United Nations International UNESCO-Japan Prize on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) 2016. This was an international recognition of the positive impact the NUS Green Impact has had on the educational sector and beyond in the UK.

You can make sure this legacy continues by volunteering. Every little helps to tackle climate change.

If you're interested, sign up here: