Clean air day at Leeds Beckett University

21st June was National Clean Air Day. The growing event is a special day when people make a pledge to improve the air quality. Across the UK, many positive actions were taken to encourage taking steps towards making air cleaner.
In Edinburgh, two busy streets in the city centre were shut for the day while in Manchester, the city council organised a number of activities during the day including free lung-health checks as well as offering commuters free travel on the metrolink during off-peak times. 

Over here at our university, we asked our staff to take the pledge. Several people put themselves forward to show to the world their engagement in making our air better. 

Chris Naylor Pledge

Chris Naylor, Electrical Engineer from Estates has cycled for the first time since he had a serious injury three years ago.

Louise Hartley Pledge

Louise Hartley, Campus Services Manager in CARES.

Researcher at the Leeds Sustainability Institute Pledge

Researcher at the Leeds Sustainability Institute.

James Woodall Pledge

James Woodall, Head of subject in the school of Health and Community

Keyleigh Hancox Pledge

Kayleigh Hancox, Continuous Improvement Support Officer from the Continuous Improvement Unit.

Travel sustainably

We have pledged this!

Paul Smith Pledge

Paul Smith, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

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