Several people from senior management have also been very supportive. We have also organised several Green Impact events - some have been outdoors, some workshops, but we have worked hard to bring the community together and keep them motivated and increase awareness about the issue of sustainability. Here are a few since the Green Impact Relaunch.

Bird Watch Walk

We went bird-watching with the help of the Grounds Team who really knew their stuff. We saw several varieties of birds such as Great Tits, Starlings, or even  Blackbirds. It was a very enjoyable event which we will definitely do again.
Bird Watchers in Forest
List of birds seen between 12 - 1

Spring Clean Week

Spring Clean Week was a dedicated week to encourage members of staff to clean their workspaces, make them less cluttered to increase their productivity. The Continuous Improvement Unit did a workshop about the 5S methodology which highlights 'sorting', 'setting in order', shining', 'standardising' and 'sustaining'. Linda Hepworth from the School of Events, Tourism, and Hospitality was the winner of the 'Best Improved Team'. The Continuous Improvement Unit are still offering you workshops on 5S; email them via:
Winner of Spring Clean Week

Just Eat It documentary

This was a documentary which showed how a Canadian couple survived from just eating 'surplus' food that they find at the back of supermarkets in large bins. What they find is shocking and highlights the issue of food waste in their neighborhood and across the world. Rob Greenland from Zero Waste Leeds did a presentation before the film and we discussed the issue raised in the film and some of the solutions after the film. 
Photo of screening 1

Green is the new black

Part of the CARES Engagement Week, Brian did a workshop about sustainability for staff who work in CARES. It was mostly a discussion session where they were asked all sorts of questions to make them think. Some questions were: 
  • What does green mean to you?
  • What do you do at home to be green?
  • Why is it important to be green in your opinion?

As well as engaging them in these activities, we had managed to sign up some new teams. Towards the end of the session, we did this quiz..... (answers at the bottom of the page)
  1. Which country emits the most greenhouse gases?
  2. Normally up to how many times can a standard A4 paper be recycled until the fibre is too weak?
  3. How many Leeds Beckett staff surveyed cycle to work?
  4. Which of the following materials can be recycled forever? Aluminum, paper, or plastic?
  5. According to the stats from the 179 actions put in place last year in Green Impact, to the nearest 1000 how much carbon saving have we made?

Come Pic Nic Up

This was a litter pick-up event which was a great day out. Dozens of staff came to help us clean the area around Headingley Campus. A lot of things (and unsurprisingly glass) were found. We did our bits for half an hour before we had a picnic together on the Acre. Certainly, a good way to get people together. 
Group Photo for pic nic up
Photo collage from pic nic up

Now if you want to join the scheme for next year, just email us via or comment below. Every team is welcome. If you are a student, you can audit the teams during the Green Impact Audit at the end of November. 


Answers to quiz: China/6 times/9%, Aluminium/48000kgs of CO2. 

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19 Oct 2021
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