This international day, helps to promote the benefits of vegetarianism. Vegetarian diets help to...

  • Reduce the risk of major killers, like cancer or heart disease.
  • Save animals
  • Reduce greenhouse gases
  • Provide a viable answer to feeding the worlds hunger. 
As a vegetarian you can still enjoy a great diet, whilst in taking less saturated fat and more folate, fibre and antioxidants. 

What you can do to spread the word?

  • Bring in vegetarian food to share with your co-workers or friends. 
  • Invite friends and family to a evening, home cooked meal. 
  • Eat meat free for the day, or throughout the month. 
  • Try out the new food options on campus and post your meal on social media with the hashtag #worldvegetarianday
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A protein based breakfast is the ideal choice because its filling and a sustainable way to start the day; you can easily scramble an egg whilst your bread is toasting. Remember to not skip breakfast, as it'll only make your pick the wrong foods for the rest of the day. 
Enjoy a mid morning snack to give yourself a pick-me-up- top up on your fruits and veg for the day or try toast topped with a nut butter and fruits. 
At lunch, you should strive to mix proteins with carbs. the carbs will help you get through the day with a steady rise in blood sugar - beat the munchies!
Push the carbs for dinner too; they'll help you relax in the evening and are low in fat too. Don't forget your protein and essential fats, your body needs them for regeneration and repair in the night. 
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