Student Sustainability Conference 2019 Meet the Presenters : Jayne Cunningham

This blog series will introduced the presenters for the 2019 Leeds Beckett Student Sustainability Conference.

Published on 06 Aug 2019

Meet Jayne, a Product Design Graduate

Jayne has immersed herself in her final year projects to create an impressive collection of packaging materials, designed to combat a multitude of global issues.

Her final project SEAsoning aims to lower carbon emissions, reduce plastic littler, cut food waste and improve gut health by being edible, compostable and a transparent bioplastic made from potato starch and seaweed.

Edible Packaging: Harvesting Health

"The challenge? Design a product and system that solves global issues; depleted nutrients in agricultural soils, littering on land and below water, (and through a symbiotic alliance with farming) improves human health.

The solution. SEAsoning; leave no trace food packaging material developed for solving global issues.

SEAsoning is made from two main ingredients; potato starch (from peelings) and seaweed, to make a transparent material with added value. Potato peels are typically discarded and sent to landfill, but if eaten, potato starch slows the absorption of refined sugars, balancing insulin levels and has a positive effect on good gut bacteria.

The non-mineral oil polymer is edible and designed to taste great, hence the name SEAsoning. SEAsoning edible polymer naturally preserves vegetables and fruit, thanks to the naturally occurring preserving enzymes in seaweed, also the natural gas barrier that the polymer provides, ticking an essential box of food packaging which is to protect, reducing food waste".

The added value

"SEAsoning edible packaging material is designed to work alongside The Sustainable Development Goals: The blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Addressing the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.

The Goals interconnect, in order to leave no one behind: Target 2030."

Read more about Jayne's project here.

Get your ticket for the Student Sustainability Conference to hear more about Jayne's work about its exploration of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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