Student Sustainability Conference 2019 Meet the Presenters: Hannah Temme

To open the conference, this presentation considered the mental health of the world’s population.  "As people awaken to the reality of our future prospects, created by the climate collapse, the greatest threat to life humanity has ever seen."

Published on 28 Aug 2019

Mental Health facing the Global Climate Crisis.

It will discuss the dilemma young generations face in deciding what type of life to build, under the imminent shadow of climate catastrophe and aims draw attention to the problems created by not just the fact, but the very idea that the circumstances of our futures, unlike previous generations, are far beyond our control.

The strain on mental health this knowledge causes and the ever increasing urgency it comes with, falls under a category which has be dubbed “eco-anxiety”. This presentation will consider how these feelings can be harnessed to take action highlighting the importance of fighting despair, and of appreciating the comfort we can enjoy now.

We hope that by opening with this rarely discussed topic you will be provided with an alternative lens through which to view the following presentations.  

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