Student Sustainability Conference 2019 Meet the Presenters: Kathrin Kloeti

This blog series introduced all presenters for the 2019 Leeds Beckett Student Sustainability Conference.

Published on 15 Aug 2019

Meet Kathrin, a Responsible Tourism student from Switzerland

Having grown up on a Swiss farm, Kathrin learned from a young age how important it is to take care of our natural environment. Together with her curiosity for different cultures and places, tourism seemed like a suitable career path. She has previously lived and worked in Canada, Chile and most recently Arctic Norway.

Kathrin believes that if done responsibly, traveling can have a positive impact, and some examples of how to do that is what she loves sharing with others.

Kathrin’s presentation will discuss indigenous tourism in Artic Europe. It shall be outlined how indigenous tourism, if carefully managed, can add to cultural pride, local livelihoods and a better understanding for the natural environment.

Interested in hearing more from Kathrin and indigenous tourism in Artic Europe? Get your ticket to the Student Sustainability Conference here. 

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