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CollectivED: The Centre for Mentoring, Coaching and Professional Learning

About CollectivED

CollectivED The Centre for Mentoring, Coaching & Professional Learning is a research and practice centre in The Carnegie School of Education. It was established in October 2017 and is led by Professor Rachel Lofthouse. CollectivED is a community of teachers and other professionals, academics and students with shared interests. Our values and purposes are to encourage and enable collaborative conversations which create powerful professional learning, to build capacity in the work of educators and leaders to create contexts which support inclusive career-long and profession-wide learning, to break down barriers to professional development through positive engagement with the education sector and allied practitioners and to increase the opportunities for educational change through enhanced  professional agency and well-being.
CollectivED works to expanding the available knowledge base on coaching, mentoring and collaborative professional development through research, make the knowledge base accessible and develop new approaches to active knowledge exchange. We also offer a suite of CPD provision to support enhanced professional learning and the development of practice and build regional, national and international networks through publications, events and social media. 

The CollectivED Working Papers

CollectivED publish a Working Paper Series. Practitioners , researchers, and members of professional and grass-roots organisations are invited to submit articles. For more information please email

Published issues of the CollectivEd Working Papers | Guidance for writing working papers.

Partnership with GCI and Coaching in Education Resources

CollectivED works in partnership with Growth Coach International (GCI). GCI have shared this list of resources on coaching in education with links to abstracts and summaries on publishers' websites. GCI have also conducted a series of online conversations which are available as video resources.  The link can be found here

Engaging with CollectivED

CollectivED is all about the power of people, to share, to support, to build trust, to reflect, to learn and to enable and empower. The CollectivEd team at the Carnegie School of Education, Leeds Beckett University work to build this network through inclusion and engagement. We see friends, partners, our team and our practitioners as sharing a common purpose and all playing key roles. Details of how to connect with CollectivED are below. You can view our CollectivED blogs here.

Plus Icon CollectivED Fellowship

The CollectivED Fellowship status is an approach to help us to build our networks, and to support Fellows in connecting with each other.  We invite people to become recognised and encourage them to add ‘CollectivED Fellow’ to their CV or profile. The first qualifying criteria for Fellowship is contribution to a CollectivED event or working paper. Applicants will also articulate how their own practice and or research aligns with the purposes and values of CollectivED, and gain the validation of a colleague, peer, mentee or coachee. We will work to support the Fellowship community to sustain positive impacts on the lives of educators and outcomes for learners and we will invite Fellows to be proactive in developing approaches to this.  For more information please see here.

Plus Icon CollectivED Doctoral study

In 2018 we welcomed new doctoral students Claire Dutton, Steven Riley, Carol Baines and Graham Yare who are researching teacher development and practices of coaching and mentoring in primary and secondary schools as well as army education settings.

Plus Icon CollectivED friends

We welcome individuals and organisations as CollectivED friends and partners whose work and interests as practitioners or researchers provide opportunities for them to engage in, or with, coaching and mentoring or associated practices. We will work with individuals and organisations in active partnerships, including joint research, professional development or communication projects.

To become a CollectivED friend please email to join our mailing list.

Follow us on twitter: @CollectivED1

Plus Icon CollectivED partners

We will work with individuals and organisations in active partnerships, including joint research, professional development or communication projects. To discuss a potential partnership project please email

Plus Icon CollectivED team at the Carnegie School of Education
  • Dr Mhairi Beaton is Senior Lecturer in Special Educational Needs and has particular research interests in the interface of inclusion, student voice and teacher education. 
  • Liz Beastall is a part time Lecturer in Childhood Studies and is undertaking a narrative inquiry into Teacher Stress as part of her EdD, looking at teacher agency and working relationships.
  • Claire Birkenshaw is a Lecturer in Childhood and Education. She is interested in the inclusion of sexual and gender minority people in education and how this intersects with wellbeing and academic outcomes.
  • Dr Steve Burton is Head of Subject for Teacher Education. He lectures in the areas of safeguarding, online safeguarding, leadership and management, and professionalism in education.
  • Rachel Bostwick is Senior Partnerships and Enterprise Consultant and provides strategic support for CollectivED, alongside the other Carnegie School of Education research and practice centres. 
  • Sarah Dawson is Lecturer in Education. Her research interests are teaching and learning of Primary Foreign Languages and related teacher education and development. 
  • Dr Alison Iredale is a part-time lecturer.  She has a particular interest in workplace learning and digital pedagogies for teacher education. 
  • Professor Rachel Lofthouse is Professor of Teacher Education and founder of CollectivED. Her research, teaching and consultancy focuses on coaching, mentoring, supporting teachers’ professional learning and practice development. 
  • Nick Mitchell is Principal Consultant in the Initial Teacher Training has Education team whose work supports our university and school partnerships with a key focus on mentoring and placement development.
  • Meri Nasilyan is Course Director for Digital Pedagogy. Her research interests include educational technologies, HE leadership/policy and ranking, and learners’ identity online.
  • Kay Sidebottom is a Lecturer in Education and Childhood. She is conducting doctoral research to explore how teachers and students might enact concepts of nomadism, assemblage, and rhizomatics to develop a ‘posthuman curriculum.’
  • Rebecca Tickell is a Senior Consultant in the Carnegie School of Education whose role focuses on mentoring and partnership development for Teacher Education.  She is undertaking doctoral research related to teacher self-efficacy. 
  • Diana Tremayne is currently researching how online learning communities can support professional development for her PhD. She is part of online tutoring team for the Distance Learning PGCE.   

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Plus Icon CollectivED Partner projects
  1. Primary teachers’ learning from Specialist Coaching for Communication-rich Pedagogies. This research seeks to understand the role of video-based specialist coaching in developing teachers’ understanding of communication-rich pedagogies and its impact on their planning and teaching. Our research partners are Jo Flanagan and Bibiana Wigley of Clarity - Communication for Education and the research is based in two schools in Derby.
  2. Professor Rachel Lofthouse and Dr Anthea Rose are undertaking the Carnegie School of Education’s independent evaluation of Swaledale Alliance’s DfE funded SSIF project which focuses on developing metacognition, and will employ two lead practitioners whose work will include coaching other teachers.
  3. The Carey Philpott Research Partner Fund is providing £10,000 from Carnegie School of Education to an educational organisation focusing their practice-based research into enhancing professional learning through coaching, mentoring or associated developmental practices.  The funded project for 2017-18 is a partnership between ImpactEd and Bright Futures Educational Trust, who are aiming to weave group coaching into staff appraisal processes, using collaborative coaching and joint practice development approaches.
  4. CollectivED has received research funding to research the impact of a Headteacher coaching facilitated by Integrity Coaching and funded by the National Education Union. This research runs throughout 2018-19.
Plus Icon Coaching and Mentoring Practice Development

CollectivED can offer opportunities for practice development in mentoring, coaching, lesson study or aligned practices through bespoke CPD.  Current CPD projects include CollectivED Carnegie Teacher Researcher partnerships, an Advanced Mentor Development programme, and bespoke consultancy.

National Coaching and Mentoring in Education Research network

CollectivEd co-ordinates the national Coaching and Mentoring in Education Research network. This network brings together Doctoral and Masters students, and researchers working in this field. It is being co-led by Professor Rachel Lofthouse and Professor Christian van Nieuwerburgh, Professor of Coaching and Positive Psychology, College of Applied Health and Communities, University of East London.

Upcoming Events

As the CollectivED network grows we will plan hub events such as conferences, workshops and CollectivED-Meets. Details will be circulated via twitter and to friends and partners on the mailing list.

Let’s talk about sustaining the profession through headteacher coaching Professional Conversation online – 19 May 19:00-20:30. Book Now

Our 2020 CollectivED National Knowledge Exchange is in partnership with Growth Coaching International and Instructional Coaching Group. The event will take place on the 9th November 2020 at the Queens Hotel, Leeds. Book Now or contact for more information and to be added to our mailing list.

Past Events
  • Our CollectivED summer 2018 seminar was held at Richmond Hill School, Doncaster on 21st June. This event focused on how teachers can develop enhanced teaching for metacognition through collaborative professional development. Contributors to this event were George Gilchrist, Clare Dutton and Jack Wardle (Rose Learning Trust), Kirsty Davies, Hannah Munro, Claire Barnes (Swaledale TSA) Melanie Lawrence and Helen Humphrys (South Milford Primary School), Craig Parkinson, Kelly Ashley (consultant to North Star TSA) and Rachel Lofthouse.
  • We held our first national Knowledge Exchange in Birmingham on the 4th July 2019 which brought together school leaders, academics, independent coaches and mentors, ITT providers and many more. Please see a transcript and video of our keynote and provocation.
  • On November 7th 2019 we held a CollectivED Hub symposium to celebrate and explore the professional learning approaches and achievements of five Teaching School-led SSIF projects in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

CollectivED Research Reports

CollectivED Podcasts & Videos

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