what is ucas clearing?

If you're not quite sure what Clearing is or how it works, here's a helpful guide to explain what it's all about.

What is UCAS Clearing?

Clearing is a part of the UCAS university application process and is a final opportunity for applicants to secure a university place each year. Anyone who applies after 30 June will automatically be entered into Clearing, meaning you still have the opportunity to study a course you'll love in September.

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Can I apply through Clearing?

You are eligible to apply in Clearing if:

  • You already have your results but you have no offers
  • You had conditional offers but your results didn't go to plan
  • You have declined all your offers or not responded by the due date
  • UCAS received your application after 30 June. If they receive your application after this date, they will not send it to any universities or colleges, therefore you will automatically be entered into Clearing

If you're eligible for Clearing, it will say on your UCAS Hub account status, and a Clearing button will have automatically been added to your screen. That's also where you will find your Clearing Number (located on the welcome and choices pages), which we will need to access your application.

If you have not applied for a university place yet, don't worry, you can apply via UCAS now and will be entered into Clearing automatically.

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When does Clearing open?

The Clearing process opens on Wed 5 July 2023, but you can only apply through Clearing when you have your results. Results day for A levels is 17 August 2023.  

If you are taking a BTEC, or any other qualifications where you already have your results, you can contact us to secure your place.. 

Our Clearing courses are available to view from July. You can apply to us through Clearing if: 

  • You already know your results / qualification and don't have a place at university
  • You already know your results / qualification and have decided you want to come to Leeds Beckett but haven't applied through UCAS yet

A level results day is Thursday 17 August 2023

Take a look at our results day guide for tips on how to prepare and how Clearing works on results day.

Results day guide
  1. When does Clearing close?

    Clearing officially closes in September. Whilst it's important not to rush your decision, it's worth remembering that our most popular courses may fill up before this. 

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How does Clearing work?

The Clearing process may seem complicated, but it can all be boiled down to a few simple steps: 

  1. Don't panic! September might not be far away, but there are still lots of great courses out there
  2. Research courses (and universities) to see which one best suits you
  3. Contact universities
  4. Confirm your place on UCAS Hub - you will need the course details and our institution code, which is L27
  5. Take your next steps; booking accommodation, organising student finance and moving in

Applying through Clearing

As Clearing is set up for lots of different scenarios, there may be some extra steps you need to take. Find out how to apply through Clearing in our step-by-step guide.
Step-by-step application guide
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  1. What is UCAS self-release?

    If you have a pre-existing UCAS application, and hold an unconditional firm place at a university, you are still able to release yourself into Clearing. This is called Clearing self-release. 

    Doing this will then allow you to apply to a different course or university through Clearing.

    Make sure you're confident with your decision before self-releasing, as it is unlikely that you will be able to undo the process if you change your mind.

  1. What is Clearing Plus?

    Clearing allows you to browse courses at universities across the country, but UCAS have also now introduced Clearing Plus, which suggests courses they 'match' you with based on your application. From this list, you will be able to tell universities that you are 'interested' in their course, and if the course still has places, they may get in touch. 

    Whilst this is a useful tool, you don't have to use this. Alternatively, you may wish to  cover all your bases by using a combination of Clearing Plus as well as doing your own research and contacting universities directly. 

Your questions answered: Clearing

Don't worry, entry requirements are important - but so is your experience. You should check your UCAS Hub account. Just because you have not achieved your expected grades doesn't mean you haven't secured your place at Leeds Beckett University.

If you achieve better results than expected and would like to join us at Leeds Beckett, please contact us to discuss your options. Most of our courses will have places available for exceptional candidates and we would welcome your application.

We really value our mature students* at Leeds Beckett, and we eagerly welcome applications from mature applicants. One third of undergraduate students are mature students, so you certainly won't be alone! When applying, let us know that you're a mature student and tell us about your relevant work experience, in addition to any qualifications that you hold. 

*A mature student is anyone who is over the age of 21 who decides to study an undergraduate degree. 

A list of courses available during Clearing can be found on our online prospectus. Please note that not all of our courses will be available through Clearing.

If you applied for multiple courses originally (which would have cost £26.50), then you won't need to pay anything else. If you only applied for one course (which would have cost £22), then you'll need to pay an additional £5.00 to be able to apply through Clearing. 

Your questions answered: Next steps

To confirm your place, log on to UCAS Hub to check the status of your application. If your place has been confirmed – congratulations; there is no need to contact our University. Information welcoming you to Leeds Beckett will follow within a few hours.

Your place cannot be confirmed until you have met all of the conditions of your offer.

We guarantee to find you student accommodation in Leeds when you make us your firm choice institution. View our Halls of Residence on the Leeds Beckett accommodation website and place your booking via the online booking system.

You can apply for accommodation after accepting a conditional or unconditional offer on a full-time course. It may take 24-48 hours from when you accept your offer via UCAS for our system to then update with your status, after which you will be able to place your accommodation booking.

If Leeds Beckett University is your insurance choice you are unable to book accommodation until Leeds Beckett becomes your confirmed place of study

If you haven't yet applied for student finance you will need to apply now at www.gov.uk/student-finance. If you have already applied for finance and your course/university has changed during Clearing you need to let Student Finance England know as soon as possible. Log in to your account to change your details.

Leeds Beckett University currently offers a number of scholarships. Find out if you are eligible for any of these.