Postgraduate PG Cert

Digital Pedagogy

Develop the knowledge and skills required to design, implement and evaluate digital pedagogical practices in educational and training spaces.

Digital Pedagogy

Course Overview

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    Distance Learning
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  • Duration

    1 Year
  • Start date

    19 Sep 2022

As part of this course, you’ll:

  • Synthesise and evaluate different approaches to the use of digital technology in education 
  • Address societal, technological, and educational issues in relation to the use of digital pedagogy
  • Critically evaluate your own practice in terms of the key concepts in digital pedagogy 

Your professional practice

 This course will enable you to enhance, update, or renew your use of digital artefacts and approaches in your teaching and learning. You could be an education stakeholder and/or working in any role in education or the education sector, including a class teacher, training provider or a university lecturer. You’ll develop a critical analysis of, and informed decision-making around, the design and implementation of a digital pedagogy in education. The practical, developmental focus means this course will be relevant to your practice as an educator, no matter your geographical location. 

Your academic community

We are passionate about education. You’ll be supported by an expert team with knowledge across many aspects of education, including professional and cultural identity in education, leadership and management in education. You’ll study alongside students from a range of different backgrounds and educational environments giving you the opportunity to share your experiences and learn from each other's teaching methods and practices.


Why study Digital Pedagogy at Leeds Beckett University...

  1. Professionally experienced expert teaching team
  2. Dedicated pastoral care team
  3. Strong and meaningful partnerships with schools and community organisations
  4. We offer distinctive and creative programmes that are responsive to the changes taking place in society
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