Guest Lectures

Where do the brains go: Gain, drain or waste of skilled immigrant labour in Canada– Lessons for UK migration

  • 18.00 - 19.00
  • 28 Sep 2022
  • Rose Bowl, Lecture Theatre A
Where do the brains go: Gain, drain or waste of skilled immigrant labour in Canada– Lessons for UK migration
Leeds Business School presents Dr Fariba Solati examining immigration policies in Canada and how these can affect a skilled workforce, and the lessons this can provide for UK migration.

Leeds Beckett University’s Business School are joined by Fariba Solati who will discuss Canada’s immigration policies which in recent years, which have been focused upon attracting skilled workers and the lessons which can be learned in regards to UK migration.

In this talk Solati explores the characteristics of skilled workers who are migrating to Canada in greater numbers, and why others are choosing to leave. Dr Solati will investigate the mismatch between the education and occupations of immigrant skilled workers in Canada and examines which group of skilled workers in Canada are more likely than others to be overqualified in their occupations and which groups are more likely to be underqualified.

The Leeds Business School annual lecture series invites industry experts, leading business figures and entrepreneurs to speak on a range of subjects that affect businesses including leadership, marketing and finance.

Fariba Solati is an Associate Professor in Economics at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, Canada.

 In Dr Solati’s research, she investigates how different policies, laws and institutions affect labour force participation rates across countries and over time. In her book, Women, Work and Patriarchy in the Middle East and North Africa (2017), Solati investigates the effects of religion, institutions, and income on women’s participation in the labour market across sixty countries over thirty years.

 Dr. Solati’s current research projects focus mainly on economic activities of immigrants in Canada. She specifically investigates the effects of immigration policies, culture, gender, language proficiency, education, and training on the labour force participation of immigrants in Canada.

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