International SEEDS Conference 2021

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  • 01 Sep 2021 - 03 Sep 2021
  • Online and venue meeting
International SEEDS Conference 2021
International Conference for Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society

Adapting and changing behaviour and practice

The global response to the pandemic has shown that we have the ability to adapt when faced with adversity. A united response to the climate change emergency is required if the human race is to avert the catastrophic loss of an eco-system which we rely on for a healthy and balanced existence.  For some, the zero carbon agenda is promoted as a vehicle for economic recovery. Thus, while we build a new environment and infrastructure to restore the economy, are we on the right trajectory for sustainability. Efforts to restore natural habitats are being encouraged, yet we all witness the continued destruction of our ecosystem, humankind remains wasteful and reliant on carbon rich fuels.

How do we transform to a more sustainable existence?

This year SEEDS invites papers from across the broad spectrum of The Sustainable Development Goals and encourages the community to bring forward practices that are tackling the climate emergency and to evaluate their impact.

The International SEEDS Conference will once again bring experts together from around the world focusing on a sustainability agenda and the positive and detrimental changes that are taking place.  As well as addressing technical issues, measuring, monitoring and evaluating change, emphasis is placed on our environment, infrastructure and buildings; how they exist in relative isolation and the possibilities for a sustainable integration. 

The SEEDS Conference addresses the interdependence of people, the built and natural environments, and recognises the interdisciplinary and international themes necessary to assemble the knowledge required for positive change. 

The conference themes include:

  • Sustainable Engineering and Production (Factories of the Future - building design for industry/ business/ agriculture)
  • Sustainable Infrastructure (Highways, water, sanitation)
  • Sustainable Place Making (Social dimensions and natural capital considerations)
  • Sustainable Behaviours (social sustainability, social justice, climate action)
  • Waste, Recycling and Sustainability (responsible sourcing, consumption and production)
  • Smart and Sustainable (human and machine - smart buildings, smart cities)
  • Buildings and Performance
  • Transport and Movement
  • Sustainability Education: Education and training for a changing world
  • Managing and leading Sustainability
  • Innovation, Change and Sustainability
  • Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Development

Key Dates:

  • Reviewer comments return by 22 March 2021
  • Paper submission deadline 30 April 2021 
  • Early Bird Rate for bookings ends 2 July 2021
  • Final paper submission deadline 25 June 2021

Further information can be obtained from, and Abstracts can be submitted to: 

You are invited to submit Abstracts under the themes above by 15 February 2021

Experienced and new researchers are encouraged to attend the Conference. Full research papers, posters, reviews and case studies will be considered through the review process.

You are encouraged to submit abstracts as early as possible in order to receive prompt feedback. Early acceptance will enable you to take advantage of the ‘early bird’ rate for the Conference.

Some comments from those who attended the 2020 SEEDS Conference:

  • "One of the BEST conferences on the built environment circuit." UK delegate
  • "I always look forward to the International SEEDS Conference. It is strongly focused on sustainable engineering and construction, and has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere." Australian delegate
  • "It has been an amazing experience to be the part of such a well organized event. A great opportunity to interact with the great researchers across the world." UK delegate
  • "My first attendance, but a brilliant online experience." UK delegate
  • "Thank you for all your support and attention. It was a very effective platform." Turkish delegate
  • "Very glad it still went ahead. Fabulous vehicle to encourage post graduate research. Very interesting material." UK delegate
  • "I am proud to be part of SEEDS that is growing stronger year-on-year." South African delegate

The conference has a strong reputation for working with established publishers.  Papers may be put forward for publication with our publishing partners. Publication of papers will be made through SEEDS and selected papers will benefit from our strong association with Emerald and Springer.

Themes for Abstract:

Project management and sustainability / Protecting nature and the natural environment / Building and environment design / Energy efficient modelling, simulation and BIM / Integrating urban and natural environment / Building performance, analysis and evaluation / Thermal comfort, air quality and overheating / Green spaces, enclosures and buildings/ Green technologies and IT / Renewable energy / Energy flexibility / Energy behaviour and lifestyle / Water damage and flooding / Biodiversity / Water and sanitation / Clean air and air quality / Transport / Education and sustainability / Planning and sculpturing positive change / Reducing consumption and waste / Ethics and responsibility / Behaviour change / Community building and master planning / Alternative and natural materials / Urban heat island and mitigation / Building resilience / Sustainable cities / Zero energy and energy plus buildings / Trees and green city landscape / Urban environments and landscape / Education and Training / Biomimicry and Biophilic Design / Gender, culture, race and responsibility / Clean energy and environments

Booking (Please click the REGISTER link at the top of the page to book onto the Conference):

Early Bird Rate

  • Delegate Rate – £45.00*
  • PhD Student – £35.00*

Full Rate

  • Delegate Rate – £75.00*
  • PhD Student – £50.00*

* The cost of one-year of SEEDS Membership is included in all the standard packages. Membership will allow access to SEEDS workshops, seminars and open meetings. Membership ensures that your contact details are retained so that you can enjoy the benefits of news updates and events between Conference.

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Rise 2021 Call for entries

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