10 ways to make your commute more exciting

Each year, lots of students decide not to move in to student accommodation, and instead they choose to travel to university each day from their home. This can sometimes mean a considerable length of time each day spent sitting on a bus, a train, or in the back of a car so we've pulled together a few suggestions of ways to make the best of that valuable time.

Ten things you could do to use that time to it's fullest:

  1. 1. Set your goals for the day

    One nice thing to do might be to note down a few daily goals on your commute in to university, then review them and see what you’ve achieved on your commute home.

  2. 2. Tune into a podcast

    How about an educational one? Use the commute as an excuse to improve your grades! Or choose something that is nothing do with your course. Supplement your learning with some new knowledge on a totally random subject – you never know when it may come in handy.

  3. 3. Listen to an Audiobook

    Have a book you’d love to read but just haven’t found the time? Let someone else read it to you. Just don’t nod off and miss your stop!

Student blog squad author, Laura B


Have a look through your readings, read your lecture notes, catch up on your emails. I have found that time just having a quick catch up to be pretty invaluable.

Laura - BA Sociology

  1. 4. Download a brain training app

    Wake your brain up for the day! Download an app and get those neurons firing. It may make you more creative throughout the day. 

  2. 5. Practice mindfulness and gratitude

    Our Student Wellbeing Team recommend apps like Headspace and Calm as offering useful techniques for bringing more joy and peace to your daily life.

  3. 6. Stretch your legs

    Why not get off the bus or train one stop earlier and turn your commute into a way of getting fit? Or, if you’re lucky enough to live close to university, why not scrap the bus altogether and jog or power walk the whole way? It’s a win/win situation really – you’re getting fitter, and you’re saving money.

  4. 7. Feed your brain

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t skip it. If you're looking to save money try bulk baking something on the weekend to take in with you each day.



In her blog about her first week at our university as a commuter, Imaan talks about bus routes, train journeys and getting settled in to her course.

Imaan - BSc (Hons) Social Care, Justice and Recovery

  1. 8. Get photographic

    You’d be amazed at what beautiful pictures you can get first thing on a frosty morning, or when the sun starts to set. Why not set yourself a challenge to take a picture at the same place/time each week to see how it changes through the year?

  2. 9. Make it social time

    Why not do your commute with somebody else? It's always good to have someone to wind down with at the end of the day. How about asking on the 'Applicants & Freshers' Facebook group if anybody lives near to you and plans on commuting too? You could even plan some nights out together locally, so you don’t ‘miss out’ on that student nightlife.

  3. 10. Learn a new language

    Apps such as Duolingo make it easy to learn a new language on the go. At the end of three years you should be fluent. A great way to pass the time and enhance your CV!


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