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Salman Khan, International Sales Manager at Monster Group (UK)
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Salman Khan, International Sales Manager at Monster Group (UK), completed Help to Grow: Management at Leeds Beckett in 2023. He said: “At Monster, we identified a gap in our ability to effectively reflect on our company's performance, particularly in areas like employee engagement, market segmentation, and overall operations. Since taking part in Help to Grow, we’ve already seen benefits - we conducted an employee engagement survey that yielded valuable insights; and I've applied the course teachings to a new project that we're launching this summer, creating a 'Growth Action Plan on a Page' to ensure a smooth and successful launch.

“The course included engaging peer sessions and mentor discussions. The tutors were adept at tailoring lessons to businesses of all sizes and industries. The real highlights were the face-to-face sessions that sparked stimulating debates and ideas.”

Help to Grow - Dudleys Peter Dixon, Director of Dudleys Consulting Engineers, shares his experience of Help to Grow at LBU.

Peter Dixon, Director of Dudleys, speaking on camera about Help to Grow

Following the programme, businesses become part of the Leeds Beckett alumni community – allowing them continued access to expert guest lectures, networking events, and the University’s SME support programmes including part-funded Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), Women Empowered through Coaching and Networking (#WECAN), Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) courses, and student and graduate recruitment and placements.

A 2023 Leeds Beckett University survey showed that, prior to completing the programme at LBU, 50% of businesses felt they did not have all the skills they need to lead their business over the next three years – and one in three leaders said they were not confident in knowing what changes they needed to make to their business in order to grow.

An independent national survey showed that, within six months of completing the programme, 90% of SME leaders felt that the programme had improved the leadership and management of their business.