academic board

Information about our university's Audit Committee, including terms of reference, membership, meetings and minutes

The Academic Board is the parent committee for academic matters and is responsible for overseeing general issues relating to the research, scholarship, teaching and courses of our university.

The Board's main role is to receive information from across our university and to consider the development of academic and related activities of our university and the resources needed to support them, in order to advise the Vice Chancellor and the Board of Governors. The broad scope of the Academic Board is reflected in the wide range of reports considered at the meetings. Membership of the Board is a combination of elected representatives and members nominated by the Vice Chancellor.

  • The Chair of the Academic Board is the Vice Chancellor, Professor Peter Slee
  • The Secretary is Rachael Andrews

Meetings and minutes

The Academic Board convened an extraordinary meeting to discuss the Academic Standards and Academic Support for students during the COVID-19 pandemic.