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Personal Development

Personal Development

Following this challenging academic year, we hope everyone will be taking time to have a break over summer. For some this may also be a chance to find a little time for development. With that in mind we have pulled together some of our favourite development resources for you, including some sessions you may have missed earlier in the year. There are a mix of videos, podcasts and online modules for you to access at a time that suits you.

We had added a brief summary of the content, and the time it will take to complete, so you can choose the most appropriate resource for you.

Do let us know what you think of these resources and if there are any more you would suggest we include in future POD Recommends. You can email us at

What POD recommends

Plus Icon Inclusion

A guide from our colleagues in Libraries exploring the accessibility features of Microsoft that can help make undertaking your work easier.

#InclusionStartsWithI is a discussion around the importance of a positive, inclusive work environment. Created by Accenture, this video demonstrates that bias can appear in both expected and unexpected ways—and that each of us has the (YouTube).

This month’s webinar explores the different types of hate crime and the impact it can have on current society (YouTube).

The team at Health Assured explore the importance of carers and the ways in which we can support the wellbeing of those who vital care to others (YouTube).

The team at Health Assured explore ways on how to cope with the everyday challenges of parenting, the stigmas and misconceptions and the impact of parental mental ill-health (YouTube).

In this talk, Charlotte Sweeney OBE shares her experience and insights into what Inclusive Leadership is; why Inclusive Behaviours are business critical to any organisation and how everyone has a part to play in creating diverse and inclusive workforces of the future.  Charlotte also discusses the key themes that have prevented progress being made with this agenda.

Plus Icon Performance

This module will introduce you to the basics of why customer service matters, what good customer service consists of, how to communicate effectively with customers, how to handle complaints and how to deal with difficult customers. 

In this talk, Mark Gilroy shares his lessons learnt and bust some common myths about online learning, reveal some quick wins that can make your presentation design/delivery instantly effective, as well as sharing his learning from when things haven’t always gone to plan! This talk explores top tips to create presentations that engage and energise; the ‘airline’ principle to think about your audience’s experience from the ground up; how personal preferences can both help and hinder you; energy in any virtual learning environment, including team meetings and some of the best tools to make your content memorable and easy to produce.

The global pandemic situation called for a new way of operating, the development of a Growth Mindset and demonstrating greater adaptive capacity in both the world of work and home life. This talk with Lis Merrick explores how the pandemic has impacted you and challenged you on whether you have a Fixed or Growth Mindset in your approach to aspects of your life; our ability to change through the lens of adaptive capacity and how to create a more innovative approach to life generally. Lis provides pragmatic techniques that you can use to reflect on how to become more innovative and creative in your approach.

Plus Icon Wellbeing

Leigh Beales and Cate Querin explain the new, more informal approach to flexible working at Leeds Beckett University.  They provide details of the flexible working principles, suggest points which colleagues might like to consider before discussing flexible working with their manager, and signpost relevant guidance and resources.

The team at Health Assured explore what it means to have a healthy work-life balance and what signs to look out for when spotting a poor work-life balance (YouTube).

The team at Health Assured discuss the benefits of a good night’s sleep and why it's integral in maintaining strong mental and physical wellbeing.

Leigh Beales, Chris McLay and Cate Querin provide advice and guidance for any colleague who is concerned about another person's mental health.  They provide examples of possible triggers and signs to look out for; and practical tips for providing the most helpful support whilst looking after your own wellbeing.

The team at Health Assured focus on the emotional impact of a lack of financial wellbeing. They will look at the links between mental health and finances, as well as tips on how to look after our wellbeing when we experience money worries (YouTube).

The team at Health Assured discuss the importance of nutrition and ways on how we can maintain a healthy relationship with food and drink (YouTube).

In this webinar, the Health Assured team explore the benefits of mindfulness and the ways in which we can practice the wellbeing technique (YouTube).

In this webinar, the Health Assured team explore the physical and mental symptoms of the menopause, as well as the best ways on how to support yourself through the menopause (YouTube).

The team at Health Assured provide an overview of what Burnout it, how to avoid it and what to look out for in ourselves and others (YouTube).

This module aims to identify simple self-care techniques that colleagues can use to help sustain their mental health and wellbeing.

Our Campus Service Manager, Louise Hartley, provides a clear overview of the extensive measures CARES has put in place to keep everyone safe on campus. Chris McLay explores some of the concerns that colleagues may have about returning to campus and gives invaluable tips for boosting mental wellbeing. He and Louise also share practical advice for managers so that they can support their teams to make a positive and confident return to campus.

This external podcast episode explores ideas and best practice of remote working as being here to stay.  It features guest speakers including Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind.  The insights shared are really useful for all leaders to keep remote teams connected longer term and has a great practical tips section for switching off from work at home towards the end of the recording suitable for everyone.

This module describes what mental health is and the factors that can cause or prevent poor mental health. It outlines strategies that help you maintain good mental health and how to help others who are living with poor mental health.

In this talk, Rob Baker shares actionable evidence-based ideas about how to take control of your work, bolster and boost your physical and mental wellbeing and create and set personalised wellbeing and working goals. The talk explores our brain's response to uncertainty and change; the benefits of being proactive in how to frame your day and approach your work; what we know about wellbeing from an evidence perspective; actionable, research-informed ideas and activities to boost wellbeing & resilience and how to set positive wellbeing goals individually and with your teams.

Useful Tools

In addition to our new Learning Resources web page, below are some quick, free tools we think you might find interesting and may help develop self awareness. Click on the logos to find out more

Useful Links

IT Skills Right Arrow

A range of IT support available to increase your confidence when using the Microsoft Office 365 suite or to help you with a particular IT related task or challenge.

Project Management Right Arrow

If you are involved in Project Management as part of your role, these Project Management webpages contain a set of resources and guidance to support the delivery of your projects. This can help you to define what a project is, have an awareness of the project lifecycle, terminology and roles within a project and understand the importance of stakeholder communication, identifying and managing risks and controlling changes when required.

Return to Work (RTW) Mentoring Right Arrow

Peer support scheme to help new parents transition back into the workplace following a period of maternity, adoption or shared parental leave.

Short Courses via the New Technology Institute

Whether you want to edit short videos for social media, or you wish to use MailChimp/MailerLite in your marketing campaigns, our university's New Technology Institute's (NTI) short digital marketing courses will help you improve your social media presence. These courses run from 90 minutes to 2 hours and include a 15% discount for Leeds Beckett colleagues. Before booking on any of the courses please ensure you have approval from your line manager. To find out more and to view the full list of available courses please visit the NTI website or email  

course director in a meeting


An effective PDR is a way of having a meaningful conversation that covers wellbeing, achievements and feedback, work priorities and further support and development. The PDR cycle in 2020 runs from July 2020 to 31 January 2021. 

Take a look at our Performance and Development Review webpage for advice and guidance on how to make the most out of PDR conversations. This now includes a 'Tips for a successful PDR' video recording for reviewees, which clarifies the rationale, scope and expectations of PDRs and explores the benefits of taking a pro-active approach.

Essential Training

People Development Online is our university’s online training system, which offers a variety of modules to assist you in your role. A range of new online modules have recently been added to the system and are available via the Training Library for you to self-enrol on, including Self-Care and Wellbeing, Mental Health Awareness, Neurodiversity, Micro Behaviours and Advancing BAME Inclusion. 

In addition to the training library of available courses, all colleagues are automatically enrolled onto a number of essential courses -

  • Data Protection
  • Equality and Diversity
  • H&S Essentials 
  • Information Security Awareness
  • Prevent Duty Awareness

Other courses, such as DSE Training and Assessment and Countering Fraud and Anti-Bribery, may be required, dependent on your role and an individual needs assessment. More information on essential training can be found in our Training Matrix.

Our institutional completion rates for compliance related training are reviewed regularly via our Audit Committee, which oversees the processes in place to protect the University’s information and the use of its funds, and colleagues in Health and Safety. It is therefore important that colleagues complete the training they are automatically enrolled on as soon as possible.

People and OD Team

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