Protecting against Illness and Injury

Protecting against Illness and Injury

Preventing illness and reducing injuries during training and matches are key to support player well-being. Our research works with national governing bodies to quantify and reduce injuries in rugby. We are currently working with the Rugby Football League to quantify and reduce injuries in Super League, Academy and Women’s Super League.

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Women's Super League

We are working with all stakeholders across Women’s Super League to reduce injuries and improve player well-being.


Covid-19 transmission in rugby league matches

Professor Ben Jones lead a team of researchers to assess the amount of in-match transmission of covid-19 during four Super League matches, analysing the interactions of players who later tested positive for the virus.

The team used video footage and GPS data to monitor player interactions and proximities and correlated the data with confirmed cases among the players. By analysing player interactions, the team were able to determine that in-match contact had little effect on transmission, while the social activity surrounding the sport, such as sharing cars and changing rooms, represented the greatest risk of transmission.

As the pandemic reaches a new phase, studies like this are informing and shaping the conversation around how to relaunch competitive sport responsibly and ethically.



Key Outputs


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