early career research network (ecrn)

The PsyCen ECRN is a group which is intended to support and help colleagues who identify as early career researchers in developing their research profile and skills, and focuses on specific support needed to develop research and writing. 

We interpret 'ECR' broadly. It can mean lecturers within five years of their first academic post, research assistants, postgraduate research students, postdocs, or any member of staff who considers themselves to be an ECR, irrespective of how long they've been in post. 

The ECRN aims to: 

  • Foster a research community for ECRs 
  • Discuss research ideas, developments, innovations, opportunities and issues 
  • Provide mutual academic support within a safe environment 
  • Develop networks and links for potential research collaborations 
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer on career and professional development 

All ECRs who research the areas within PsyCen are welcome to attend any event or access support through this network.