Psychology Applied to Safety (PASH) and Health and Occupational Psychology

This programme supports research projects and ventures that are relevant to the understanding of human behaviour in the workplace. The programme has two research themes: Occupational Psychology and the more specific theme of Psychology Applied to Safety and Health (PASH) which conducts applied research and consultancy in a variety of occupational settings.

Main research and consultancy themes

We are interested in workplace diversity and the barriers to securing and maintaining employment, particularly for those considered ‘neurodiverse’ e.g., often individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, developmental coordination disorder or dyspraxia, dyslexia, dyscalculia and autistic individuals. We are keen to explore the role of mental health and stigma in employment disclosure contexts and how individuals may identify with neurodiverse labels. Dr Lisa Harkry is currently co-investigator for the IMAGE research project (Improving Employability of Autistic Graduates in Europe) funded with the Erasmus+ program (£360,000.00)

With a steady increase in life expectancy many of us are facing the challenge of having to work longer to support ourselves financially. However, the nature of work itself is changing. Career paths are becoming more fluid, offering opportunities and responsibilities for professional and personal growth across the lifespan.  
Research on career management in our department focuses on the emerging issues surrounding career planning for young and older people in view of a greater life expectancy. Research topics include: The changing perceptions of multitrack life-careers; Value integration and restructuring of social and working lives to retain a healthy work-life balance. In our research group, Dr Gaby Pfeifer has recently delivered invited presentations for the British Psychological Society and the Department for International Trade.


See research conducted by Dr Neda Mahmoodi

Susie Phillips-Baker is currently conducting research on Human Resource Management practices.

If you would like to find out more about the work of the Occupational Psychology & PASH programme please contact either Dr Jim Morgan or Dr Matteo Curcuruto.