Health and Wellbeing

Aims of the programme

This programme directly supports the research activities of a large group of researchers  and academics within the Leeds School of Social Sciences who investigate a broad range of research themes from an applied perspective that are directly relevant to mental health, physical health and wellbeing. 

Main themes of research activities:

  • Body image
  • PROMS & Digital health  
  • Chronic disease  
  • Behaviour change & Decision making 
  • Mental wellbeing & Suicide 
  • Reproductive & Maternal health
  • Caregivers and families
  • Psychology of Addiction  

Externally Funded Projects

Dr Tamara Turner-Moore (PI) & Dr Kate Milnes (PI).

Funder: It’s Our Day. £7,956.  

Professor Georgina Jones (PI), Dr Rachael Moss, Dr Frances Darby, Dr Neda Mahmoodi and colleagues  

Cancer, Fertility and Me is a project to develop a patient decision aid to better support women of childbearing age and diagnosed with cancer to make fertility preservation decisions. Funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research, £250,000. 


Trish Holch (Co-applicant) and radiotherapy colleagues from Leeds Cancer Centre Helen Melling (PI)  

College of Radiographers, £10,000  

Professor Georgina Jones (PI) and colleagues

Shire. £120,000.

Dr Lisa Harkry (Co-applicant), Dr Mark Fabri (PI), & Colleagues (Co-Investigator)

Erasmus+ £360,000.00 

Dr Laura Ashley (Co-applicant) and colleagues from the University of Chester  

Adaptation and replication testing of the benefits of online psychological support for cancer survivors. North West Cancer Research. £294,646.

Dr Suzie Xu Wang (Co-applicant), Professor Maggie Lawrence (PI) at Glasgow Caledonian University and colleagues.

Psychological self-management intervention. Funded by The Stroke Association: £364,694. 

Professor Georgina Jones (co-investigator) and colleagues 

A randomised controlled trial of clinical and cost effectiveness of Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone Analogues with add back hormone replacement therapy versus repeat Laparoscopic surgery (The REGAL Trial). Funded by the Health Technology Assessment, £1.7m. PI: Dr Lucky Saraswat, University of Aberdeen. 

Professor Georgina Jones (co-investigator), Miss Anne-Mairead Folan and colleagues

The development and pilot testing of a patient decision aid to better support patients with ulcerative colitis choose between ongoing medical treatment and surgical treatment options (DISCuSS). Funded by Crohn’s and Colitis UK. £120,000. PI: Professor Alan Lobo, University of Sheffield.

Professor Georgina Jones (co-investigator), Dr Nina Martin and colleagues 

Medical Research Council. PI: Professor Paul Kaye (University of York) 

Dr Laura Ashley (PI) and colleagues 

A qualitative interview study with patients and clinicians to identify theory-based intervention targets, strategies and implementation options. Funder NIHR RfPB £149,784. 


Internally funded projects

meetings and events

PsyCen Conferences
In 2019 the Director of PsyCen, Dr Trish Holch, hosted the 4th UK National PROMS conference. The PROMS (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) conference welcomed clinicians, researchers, academics, patient partners, students, early career researchers and others working or interested in the field.  

The programme contributes internal and external speakers to the PsyCen seminar series. Previous speakers include: 

Professor Mark Connor 
Professor Hilary Bekker  
Daniel Aherne   

Our members also have leading roles and contribute to the following national and international societies  

International Psychosocial Oncology Society (IPOS)  
International Society for Quality of Life (ISOQOL) 
British Psychosocial Oncology Society (BPOS)
British Psychological Society (BPS)  
International Society for the Study of Trophoblastic Disease (ISSTD)  
International Network of Stroke secondary Prevention Researchers (INSsPiRE)