Open Research & Scholarship (ORES)

Aims of the programme

The PsyCen Open Research & Scholarship (ORES) initiative aims to promote open and reproducible science and scholarship across PsyCen. It is led by Sofia Persson, who is an open science advocate.

Broadly, ORES aims to:

  • Promote an inclusive and supportive Open Science environment within PsyCen
  • Provide PsyCen members with resources and support about various aspects of Open Science
  • Link Open Science activities within PsyCen with those at other institutions, to facilitate collaboration and the sharing of resources


ORES has organised Open Science meetings across PsyCen, and produced resources for staff and students looking to engage with reproducible research practices. It has also promoted Open Science activities through public engagement events, such as Psychology in the Pub.

Resources relating to this initiative can be found through its Open Science Framework repository, which is regularly updated.