Stigmatised Sexualities and Sexual Harm (SSSH!)

The Stigmatised Sexualities and Sexual Harm (SSSH!) research group focuses on stigmatised sexualities and/or sexual harm.

Stigmatised sexualities encompass the wide variety of sexual desires, pleasures, practices, and identities that are stigmatised by individuals, groups and society. Examples of our work in this area include the sexual experiences of LGB+ people, non-monogamies, sex between young people, sexualised drug-taking, sexual ‘addicts’, and sexual thoughts and fantasies about BDSM, fetishes and kink.

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Sexual harm encompasses all forms of sexual violence, coercion, abuse, harassment and bullying against adults, young people and children. Examples of our work in this area include sexual harassment, bullying about a person’s (perceived or actual) sexual or gender identity or expression, understandings of sexual consent in young people, drug-involved sexual assault, technology-facilitated sexual abuse of women and children, child sexual abuse images, sexual thoughts and fantasies in sexual offending men, and police management of men on the Sex Offenders’ Register.

The research group’s acronym, SSSH!, signifies the silence, secrecy and shame that so often surrounds both stigmatised sexualities and sexual harm. Our work aims to further understanding of these areas and inform policy and practice to improve the lives of people with stigmatised sexualities or who are affected by sexual harm, and to prevent further stigmatisation and harm in the future.

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