Partnership activities with the Henry Moore Institute include our MA students having the opportunity to recreate the celebrated Gordon Matta-Clark’s garbage wall from 1970 as part of the ‘A Lesson in Sculpture with John Latham' curated by Lisa Le Feuvre, at Henry Moore Institute. Collaborating with the HMI, Marion Harrison (Senior Lecturer) co-organised Circles of Recognition & Structures of Support which was a collaborative investigation of what it means to pursue a creative practice today and what structures in Leeds exist for early and mid-career artists (February, 2018). Participants included Hardeep Pandahl (LBU alumni), Jill McKnight, Peter Suchin and Roy Claire Potter. In addition to practical activities, the institute has opened up their specialist facilities to our undergraduate and postgraduate students, including their research library and seminar rooms. Collaborative activities have included sharing the hosting of high profile visiting speakers such as Michael Landy and entering partnership agreements for Supporting Emerging Talent with New Contemporaries. This has facilitated emerging contemporary artists to gain teaching experience on our undergraduate Fine Art degree programme as well as providing them with open access to our specialist printmaking, digital print, wood and metal workshops to support the development of exhibitions they are creating at the HMI.