the best minds of our generation

inside/out lecture series

The mission of our prestigious INSIDE/OUT series of lectures is to bring the best minds of our generation to inspire and support the work students and staff do across the Leeds School of Arts. To this end, we have flown in renowned speakers from around the globe. In order to enhance the cultural life of Leeds, we make the lecture series open to the general public and available to an international audience online.

Modern blue structure in garden

Otobong Nkanga

YSI Symposium - Samuel Leuenberger

YSI Symposium - Rungwe Kingdon

YSI Symposium - Henry Ward

Anat Ben David

Lina Lapelyte

Paul Stephens


Anna Abraham

Ayse Erkman

Nick Monfort

Phyllid Barlow & Louisa Buck

Bryndis Snæbjörnsdóttir and Mark Wilson


Matty Bovan

Mishka Henner

Laurence Aegerter

Jaap Blonk

Craig Dworkin: And Nothing But

Craig Dworkin: The Viral Jetty: Smithson Between Media

Kate Briggs

Zadie Xa

YSI Symposium - Kate Squires

YSI Symposium - Rana Begum

Queer Ecologies

Nobuko Tsuchiya

Michael Landy

Tamar Harpaz

Ears have no lids

Craig Saper

Derek Beaulieu

Claire Tancons

Martin Creed

Craig Dworkin: No Medium

Craig Dworkin: Text Engines

Phoebe English

David Batchelor

Teal Triggs

Art Science Fiction Symposium

Erica Baum

YSI Symposium - Simeon Barclay

YSI Symposium - Lucy Tomlins

Jean-Pascal Flavien

Tarek Atoui

Francesca Capone & Carolyn Thompson

Felipe Cussen & Steven Zultanski

Brian Dettmer

Natalie Czech

Cherie McNair

Jana Crepon

Craig Dworkin: The Impossible Archive of the Avant-Garde

Craig Dworkin: I Can’t Even Affective Imbalance in Contemporary Literature

An Fonteyne

Jeremie Bennequin

Jane Rendell

Gilda Williams

Nathaniel Mellors

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