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Lara Rose is a Practice-as-Research PhD candidate. Her research project entitled, Yoruba culture and its influence on artistic practices in Leeds will focus on how Yoruba culture from varying sources has influenced and informed contemporary artistic practice in Leeds.  

Lara started her postgraduate studies at Leeds Beckett University on the Applied Professional Diploma (APD) in Art & Design following on to the Master of Arts (MA) in Art & Design (Distinction, 2018). She found her feet as an assemblage sculptor creating a prolific body of work including submitting her final written work in an assemblage format. Her “Windrush Treasure Chest and “Eyo Carnival Messiah” installation (MA End of Year show, 2018) went on to be displayed at the Leeds City Museum from Oct 2018 to Feb 2019.  

Lara keeps close links (Community Advisory Panel) with Leeds Museums and Galleries and is cited as part of the welcome display of the Migration Exhibition, A City and its Welcome (July 2019 – Jan 2020),   

“I’m interested in how people migrate, integrate, how culture travels and adopts. – Lara” 

Lara is also an Arts and Culture rep (Leeds BME Hub) and facilitates Black History Month (BHM) events, art exhibitions and performances, supporting Leeds City Council “Culture Capital 2023” goals. She was part of Carnival Messiah (Geraldine Connor), at Harewood House and Royal Albert Hall, and became enamoured by Conner’s use of Yoruba culture in the show. Much inspired by Geraldine Connor, Lara birthed the musical Nomad Woman coining the term "Afropolitan melodies" fusing Yoruba and English languages into songs. Rose is currently a Creative Associate for the Geraldine Connor Foundation. 

Rose will utilise elements from Yoruba masquerade and Caribbean carnival, focussing on cultural identity, cosmopolitanism, androgyny in carnival and exoticism/orientalism culminating in both written submission and artwork (sculpture, sound) due to complete in 2021. 

keywords: Carnival, Carnival Messiah, Windrush, Afropolitan, Afropolitan Melodies, Cosmopolitanism, Yoruba, Culture, Assemblage Art, Sculpture, Sound Art, Music 

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