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Shambik Ghose

Devising a contemporary dance pedagogic technique and a movement language for contemporary dancers emerging out of hybridizing the principles of Indian Kathak and Western Jazz dance technique.

This research inquiry is compelled by my more than sixteen years of choreographic, pedagogic, and performative experiences in hybrid international artistic collaborations in association with my wife Dr. Mitul Sengupta and our Dance company Rhythmosaic, 

Though my research primarily explores in hybrid creative movement strategies inviting artistic explorations in forms of choreography and pedagogy, my current research position directs me in a realm that operates much beyond movement and choreography . It examines culture, tradition, philosophies, and values embedded in human understanding, communications, and dialects. 

My research attempts an apologia that envisages hybridity, inviting exciting possibilities that defines artistic and cultural voices through creative collaborations; foregrounding unique strategies, and politics behind newer adjustments , approaches, co-existing , re-visiting and eventually tolerance of practices that articulates in eclectic and disparate diaspora, informing and inviting hybridity, proposing a socio economic as well as an artistic culture that is in constant transit and transformation. 

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