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Applied Global Ethics

Globethics.net is an NGO based in Geneva focusing on the development of applied and professional ethics teaching and research. The Leeds Business School team is working specifically on the Ethics in Higher Education (HE).

Applied Global Ethics

The challenge

  1. How to develop leadership education focused in responsibility
  2. How to develop the role of Globethics
  3. Shared research into responsibility skills and virtues and their development in the curriculum
  4. Shared research into developing HE consultancy for HE ethics, at teaching and governance levels

The Approach

The work was a mixture of:

  • Case studies. One commissioned by Globethics. This adds to the development of case studies as both research and consultancy
  • Developing courses. Responsible Leadership course developed for Globethics and responsible leadership option being developed for Leeds Beckett MBA
  • Action research, in development, with Globethics and Exeter University (Dr Jonathan Smith) on leadership development
  • Concept development

The Impact

The work is focusing on three things of developing impact:

  • The practice of integrity in HE, which is leading to a book of this title which examines the profession and governance of HE
  • The development of learning theory which links to integrity (building on several journal papers, see below)
  • The development of modules which exemplify the theory—the first module has been completed for Globethics, leadership responsibility, leading to others

Outputs and recognition

  • S. Robinson, The Nature of Responsibility in a Professional Setting. Journal of Business Ethics (2009) 88:11-19
  • S. Robinson and Jonathan Smith (2014) Co-Charismatic Leadership. Peter Lang, Oxford
  • S. Robinson (2017) The Spirituality of Responsibility. Bloomsbury: London

  • Fethullah Gulen et le concept de responsabilite, In Societe civile, democratie, et Islam: perspectives du mouvement Gulen. 115-138. L'Harmatan 01 Sep 2012
  • Hearing Voices: Wisdom, Responsibility and Leadership, in Thompson, M. and Bevan, D. Wise Management in Organisational Complexity, Palgrave. 181-201 (based on the paper which received Chinese and European Business School Shanghai prize for best paper in conference 2012)
  • Co- charismatic Leadership and Peacebuilding, with Smith J., in Bouckaert L. and Chatterji, M. Business, Peace and Ethics, Emerald, 2015, 125-140)
  • Ethics and Scholarly Practice, in Anderson, L. et al, Professional Doctorates in Business and Management. 2015, 144-163
  • Responsible Governance, in The Growing Business Handbook: Inspiration and Advice from Successful Entrepreneurs and Fast Growing UK Companies. 235-238. Kogan Page Limited, 2015
  • Integrity, responsibility and higher education, in Values in Higher Education, ed. Gibbs P. Springer, 2019
  • A Christian Perspective on Care in Higher Education, in Love and Higher Education, ed Gibbs et al Springer, 2021

  • Journal of Global Responsibility 2012, 3.1. Special edition, exploring the meaning of responsibility. Ed. S. Robinson and Jonathan Smith

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