Productivity and Sustainability Hub (PROSUB)

The Productivity and Sustainability Hub (PROSUB) aims to provide insights for emerging business models and responses to the increasingly competitive pressures that all businesses and organisations face.

Led by Dr Ollie Jones, colleagues in the Business School established a working group which recognised they had relevant expertise to address regional challenges with productivity and to grow the research impact in this area thus enabling positive knowledge exchange with local businesses.

The group focuses its research and activity on value creation including product service integration, productivity measurement & diagnostics, utilisation and impact of artificial intelligence, performance & wellbeing and organisational resilience all of which cut across contexts of SMEs, the service sector, sustainability and regional economic development.  We recognise the need to develop capacity, capability and thought leadership to meet the diverse range of business needs in the future. 


In 2018 Leeds Business School in collaboration with the School of Built Environment, Engineering & Computing successfully secured a KTP with The Label Makers (manufacturing business) thus giving us a new platform to promote our expertise in Productivity and explore multidisciplinary opportunities. This has been built on to develop successful KTPs from Innovate (Daletech) and also the experience helped with lasted KTP success with Global Doors to provide a strategic framework for options evaluation, horizon scanning and fore sighting. This work also fits with a growing initiative of ‘Futures’ based applied work within LBS.