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Intergenerational Succession in SMEs Transition (INSIST)

Supporting the survival and growth of family based businesses

Intergenerational Succession in SMEs Transition (INSIST)

The challenge

How to deal with the transfer of businesses from one generation to the next is an issue for the sustainability of all economies. Central and Eastern economies are facing this challenge for the first time, as the wave of entrepreneurs that emerged in the late 1980s and 1990s approach retirement age.

In the more established market economies of Northern, Western and Southern Europe, significant challenges are emerging as first generation entrepreneurs face succession for the first time and more mature enterprises move towards the third or fourth generation of owners and leaders.

The Approach

INSIST is developing, piloting and evaluating four high level learning modules for owner-managers, successors, business intermediaries and postgraduate students with an interest in the sustainability of family businesses.

The Impact

INSIST held a series of seminars, workshops and meetings to discuss issues relating to family businesses across Europe. Following the events, the INSIST team developed practitioner training materials in Hungarian, Polish and English to enhance the skill base of companies in the region.

Recommendations for decision makers were developed to facilitate (generational) transmission of enterprises. With associated research outputs such as ‘Strategy for succession in family Owned small businesses as a Wicked problem to be tamed’ which has been cited in at least 9 other publications.

Project completed: January 2017

Outputs and recognition

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