Sustainable Business Research Institute

SME Leaders and Sustainability: Deliberative Engagement (SME-DE)

Developing a demand-driven executive programme and powerful business tools to solve business sustainability problems collaboratively.

SME Leaders and Sustainability: Deliberative Engagement (SME-DE)

The Challenge

SME’s suffer from a series of common and complex long-term business sustainability problems. The project aim was to develop an ongoing, demand-driven executive programme and supporting materials that will equip business intermediaries with a new set of capabilities and business tools. This was to enable them to engage with SME’s in powerful ways so that those SMEs can collaborate effectively.

The Approach

Using deliberative engagement techniques, which are based on dialogue and consensus-building, the project aims to enable participants from SMEs to work together (with expert input) to develop tools and training materials.

The Impact

The insights and new knowledge acquired from this project are helping HEIs across Europe develop effective and innovative collaborative and co-creational pedagogies; new knowledge about working with intermediaries and SMEs. Learnings from the project have been published in a deliberative engagement guide and in journal articles and book chapters. (Project Completed: 2016)

Professor Ralph Tench

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