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The Compete In project

Helping small to medium-sized companies across Europe to go global.

The Compete In project

The Challenge

Regional systems, stakeholders and policies can act as barriers to the internationalization of small to medium-sized companies across Europe.

The Approach

Leeds Beckett University is one of seven partners across Europe participating in the project by trialling a new approach to internationalisation which addresses regional systems, stakeholders and policies with the main aim of helping SMEs to go global. The Compete In project focuses on three main areas: the attraction of investments, the penetration of new markets and territories, and the creation of international partnerships.

To do this, a series of research and study visits will be conducted to share information and identify best practice projects, develop case studies showing global projects that support SME businesses to internationalise, and identify the factors that make these projects successful. The team will also gather and understand this new knowledge, attending a Transfer Workshop to find out more about the projects, the key successes and challenges and the actions that can be adopted to help SME businesses in our region to internationalise.

The Impact

Learnings from the project will be used to implement a series of actions that will trial and embed the improvement ideas for the Transfer Workshop into our regional projects, with our regional SME businesses and working with the Leeds City Region’s business support stakeholders.

Moreover, using the findings from each of the phases the project, the team will work with a local stakeholder group and policy makers to embed best practice learning into future projects, policy instruments and a range of regional stakeholders (SMEs, universities/research centres, trade associations, Chambers of Commerce, local/regional governments) activity enabling SMEs to internationalise more successfully.

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