Alex Liversidge, Senior Lecturer

Alex Liversidge

Senior Lecturer

Alex has 18 years post graduate experience as a Biomedical Scientist within the private sector and NHS. Her specialist areas of Biomedical Science are Haematology and Blood Transfusion. Alex has previously been the site-coordinator of a Hospital Blood Bank and is currently the Training Manager of the Blood Transfusion department at Leeds Teaching NHS Trust. Her other role is as a lecturer in Blood Science within the Biomedical Science faculty at Leeds Beckett University.

Alex has previously researched the role of the Immature Reticulocyte Fraction (IRF) parameter of the Haematology analysers used in the NHS Pathology departments and has a current interest in Blood Transfusion.

Current Teaching

  • BSc, MSc Biomedical Science; Blood Sciences

Research Interests

Current areas of interest are platelet transfusions, the development of cryopreserved platelets which will improve the supply of these blood components to patients nationally. Also, the transgender & non-binary community and the impact of gender fluid patients on the normal ranges and blood components used within the Pathology departments of NHS trusts.

Alex Liversidge, Senior Lecturer

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