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Dr Andrew Manley

About Dr Andrew Manley

Andrew is a Principal Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology. He also works as a Practitioner Sport and Exercise Psychologist supporting athletes and coaches from a range of sports and backgrounds.

After completing his PhD at the University of Chichester, Andrew spent a year lecturing at the University of Edinburgh before joining the Carnegie Faculty at the end of 2009. As well as teaching sport and exercise psychology at undergraduate and postgraduate level, he is engaged in various activities within the Faculty's Research Institute for Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure. He also acts as a reviewer and Editorial Board member for a number of scientific journals.

Andrew is an elected member of the Training Committee for the British Psychological Society's (BPS) Division of Sport & Exercise Psychology (DSEP). He is also an approved supervisor for the BPS (Stage 2) Qualification in Sport & Exercise Psychology.

Current Teaching

Andrew contributes to the design, delivery and assessment of various modules across the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. In addition to providing supervision to a range of dissertation and PhD students, Andrew currently leads the following modules:

  • Practicum (Level 7);
  • Research and Professional Practice (Level 7).

Research Interests

Based on the findings of recently completed projects conducted in sport and education settings, Andrew is currently investigating the influence that specific sources of information (e.g., body language, verbal communication, written reports) have on expectations and behaviours within interpersonal relationships (e.g. coach-athlete, coach-parent; student-teacher, client-practitioner). He is also examining the impact of Active Video Games (e.g. Nintendo Wii; XBox Kinect) within three primary contexts: education, physical activity, and sports injury rehabilitation. The findings from Andrew's research have helped to inform the practice of a range of professionals including sports coaches and lecturing staff.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (21)

Chapters (2)

  • (In press) The Psychology of Sports Coaching. In: . : Routledge, pp. .
  • Daly-Smith A; Mckenna J; Manley A; Defeyter G (2018) A review of school-based studies on the effect of acute physical activity on cognitive function in children and young people.. In: Meeusen R; Schaefer S; Bailey R; Tomporowski P Physical Activity and Educational Achievement Insights from Exercise Neuroscience. : Routledge, pp. .
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Conference contributions (16)

  • Heaviside HJ; Hudson J; Manley AJ (2017) Student engagement through problem-based learning: A contemporary "solution" for Higher Education? Manchester 01/02/2017.
  • Manley AJ; Backhouse SH; Hinchliffe CR; Shand R; Hudson J (2015) Navigating Choppy Waters: The QSEP Voyage from Multiple Perspectives Leeds, UK. 14/12/2015.
    View Repository Record
  • Jones BL; Till K; Manley A (2015) Advancing the profiling of athletes: Incorporating coach-athlete collaboration when interpreting fitness testing data St George's Park, Burton upon Trent, UK 01/12/2015.
    View Repository Record
  • Manley AJ; Woodward J; Davis PA; Thelwell RC (2015) Third Party Reports influence parents' perceptions of coaching ability: Implications for youth sport coaches. Berne, Switzerland 14/07/2015.
    View Repository Record
  • Manley AJ; Jones B; Brightmore A; Simpson A; Sutton L (2014) Stepping into the unknown: Providing multidisciplinary support to an ultra-endurance race debutant St George's Park, Burton upon Trent, UK 25/11/2014.
  • Manley AJ; Greenlees IA; Smith MJ; Thelwell RC (2013) Football players' cognitive and affective responses to coaches: The interactive effects of coach reputation and players' need for cognition Harrogate 09/04/2013.
  • Manley A (2012) Processing Fluency Effects Influence Obese Pregnant Women's Perceptions of a Community Lifestyle Programme Hawaii, USA 07/06/2012.
  • Manley AJ; Finn J; McKenna J (2012) Using the 'Pre-Shot Training Programme' as an educational tool in the teaching of applied sport psychology Harrogate 09/04/2013.
  • Manley A; Whitaker L; Patterson L (2012) Teaching Sport Psychology to the XBox Generation: Further evidence for game-based learning London, UK 18/04/2012.
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  • Manley AJ (2011) Controlling Emotions on the Big Stage: Reflections on an Athlete's Debur at a Major Game Madeira, Portugal 12/07/2011.
  • Manley AJ (2011) Using game based activities in the teaching of undergraduate psychology: Is there a case for Wii learning? Glasgow, Scotland, UK 04/05/2011.
  • Manley AJ (2011) Impression formation and expectancy effects in sport Northumbria University, UK 09/03/2011.
  • Manley AJ (2010) Wii-learning: The efficacy of active video games in the teaching of an undergraduate sport psychology module London, UK 09/12/2010.
  • Manley AJ (2010) Rules of Engagement: Encouraging active learning in higher education Sheffield, UK 22/07/2010. Sheffield, UK:
  • Manley AJ (2010) Enhancing engagement with large student groups Oxford, UK 04/06/2010.
  • Manley AJ; Luis-Pascual J-C (2010) Sport as a privilege in Spain China 23/04/2010. China:
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Conference proceedings (1)

  • Heaviside HJ; Manley AJ; Backhouse SH; Didymus F (2015) "Put up there on a pedestal and expected to be the star...But nobody really knows how difficult it is": An in-depth analysis of media-constructed expectations within elite sport.. In: British Psychological Society Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology Conference. Leeds, UK. 14/12/2015 00:00:00. : , pp. .

Reports (1)

  • Abraham A; Manley A; Morgan G (2011) Aura, Presence and Impression Management. The FA.
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